Sunday, August 31, 2014

Groundbreaking Speech: SDF Presidential Hopeful Meets Ni John Fru Ndi

An address presented to the SDF National Chairman, His Excellency Ni John Fru Ndi at his Ntarinkon residence, Sunday, August 24, 2014 by Felix Teche Nyamusa, SDF 2018 Presidential hopeful (pending primaries) at an official meeting to chart a progress and development way forward for Cameroon.

    His Excellency the SDF National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi,

   Good day, my meeting with you today is this official because of its importance to Cameroonians who had been waiting for it following my request of 6 August 2014.     Cameroon today as we all observe is threatened by Cholera epidemic particularly in the North where about ten deaths have been registered. The deadly Ebola virus is already at next door neigbhour Nigeria; the corpse of pioneer head of state President Ahmadou Ahidjo is yet to be brought home for befitting official burial; Boko Haram Cameroon branch is causing havoc killings to our populations and military including the kidnap of vice prime Minister Amadou Ali’s wife; the cry of Anglophones courtesy an organization, SCNC are issues that can be stemmed by tact and open-minded governance.
    As an SDF loyalist and from inception I believe to earn the trust of people by also being trust worthy.
    As a Cameroonian I am fully aware of the high hopes of our parents when they embarked on the 1961 nation building Plebiscite.
  Considering the handicaps / problems of minorities and or marginalized sectors of the country which includes pigmies, borroros, women and youths.    Knowing that countries advance where the social well being of citizens is of optimum consideration than dictatorship – so there is no replacement for democracy as practiced by the US, France, Britain and most emerging from poverty countries on their populations.      Thus H. E, I am emboldened by massive field support of my ideology in the vanguard position as their leader, SDF Presidential candidate for 2018 and hence will see that order and the dreams of our forebears for the nation-building plebiscite of 1961 be actualize: – good governance, revamp of the constitution to ensure true separation of powers – legislation, executive and the judiciary.    As Presidential candidate buoyed by the yearning of my teaming nationwide following, we will not accept ELECAM put in place in principle by the CPDM Presidential candidate solo. ELECAM and other structures under CPDM ruling party are sordid / lopsided because legislation by the CPDM manipulated assembly is generally and openly doubted by Cameroonians. Today, only a genuine referendum where all Cameroonians vote not the tainted parliament or any elected officials here can restore the confidence of Cameroonians in polls. Thus the war / trouble Mr. Biya is running Cameroon into will be worn by the people under my leadership!    The existing national laws (constitution) at least give right to a resolve to strike action in the face of governance nonchalance. More over, naturally a people pushed to near death on the wall, by what ever force, will have no other option than to fight forcefully and of course aggressively back.  CPDM formerly CNU is, no news, the cause of Cameroon’s backwardness. Paul Biya’s party is responsible for the soaring increase of Cameroonians immigrating to other countries under at times life threatening conditions. H.E, the SDF under your leadership hardly has a rival in the history of Cameroon in political break through – reintroduction of multiparty and its accompanying benefits which include free speech. We are aware of your trials and that of the party since 1990. As a university student that 1990 launch, I immediately imbibed the party preaching. SDF of course is not without mistakes characteristic of any organization but their numerical inferiority compared to dividends is the sustaining treasure. Today, I am more than ready when given the mandate by the people as President to ensure progress, good governance particularly this time when Cameroon like Africa has the tides for progress and development tilted in her favour by dint of the youthful large size population of her work force and the enormous natural resource which will be maximally exploited by only states with democratic institutions not baren dictatorship of the sort of the ruling CPDM here. I
took President Biya and Minister Isa Tchiroma to court about a year ago on non application article 66 of the constitution which specifies declaration of assets by public officials as they discharge their duties to address corruption and embezzlement. I urge Cameroonians to stand by the ideals of the number one opposition party of Cameroon, our SDF. I sue for a rainbow coalition government open to all well meaning political parties including CPDM progressive to actualize the dream of our forebears come 2018. Here all options for achieving positive change as obtained in other progressing nations and democracies will be employed with me Felix Teche Nyamusa leading as Cameroonians number one servant.
Once more the pro CPDM ELECAM has to be replaced by an election body that reflects the will of meaningful socio political stake holders of this country; the constitution must be revamped to arrest the dictatorship and ruins of the executive. Your blessings and usual advice, His Excellency, to SDF militants and Cameroonians in general is more relevant to me now!As Presidential hopeful for the 2018 presidential, with referenda consultation of Cameroonians on critical issues as my method of operation, there is no doubt in our minds that progress will return to our nation, the Cameroon our party SDF has propelled positively for over two decades.
H.E, may God guide you, your family, SDF and Cameroon.
Felix Teche Nyamusa Cameroon 2018 Presidential hopeful.

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