Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Principal Napped for Stealing School Equipment worth over 30 Million

By Bungong Marck
According to a report from the Divisional Delegation of Secondary education Donga Mantung signed by the Divisional Delegate Njobe Cletus Kimbe, equipment supplied from the 2014 budget at GTC Ntong in Nwa have developed legs. The Eye is aware that a commission headed by the Divisional Delegate of Secondary Education stormed GTC Ntong recently. In a report captioned: report on items carried out of GTC Ntong by the Principal – Mr. Ntokungwia Stephen Ndonyi, it is alleged that on the 30th of July 2014, the school principal was intercepted in Nwa with a large consignment of Home economics and computer equipment en route to Bamenda.  The 19 different items were collected by police Nwa and some of the items are also said to have been transported to Ndu at the time of his arrest. According to the story, the Divisional Officer Nwa and Member of Parliament Nwa were alerted. The items we gathered that were just handed to the school on the 24th of July 2014. The report equally states that, one Mr. Gabuin a staff of the school watched the Principal and One Mr. Galabe chief of works of the school tie six computers on a motor-cycle which took the said chief of works transported to Ndu. This not withstanding, allegations abound that a big generator was catered away from the school some days back.
The said principal, according to the report before this incident has been notorious for staying away from school for prolonged periods without permission and the last time he was seen after weeks of absent was last 20th May 2014 and he left immediately, and only resurfaced for the reception of computers worth Thirty Million francs. Allegations are rift at that, these state properties was obviously destined for his private school in Ndop and documentation office in Bamenda which are his (Principal) major Concerns. Investigation is open and the MINMAP Delegation was assigned on a mission to Ntong to confirm the situation on the ground.
The Divisional President for the Cameroon National Youth Council Donga Mantung ABANDA Marcel and some of his collaborators of Nwa rushed to Ntong have condemned intended to deprive youth from having access to better education. Considering the enclaved nature of GTC Ntong enrollment is less than 110 students. Currently the Principal is under detention at the Nkambe Principal Prison
List of Items
2 stabilizers
2 circuit breakers
2 bed sheets
01 set of electric grinding machine (moulinex)
1 set of hand grinding machine
2 bed covers
01 leser jet P 2025 (printer cassette)
2 cable connections
01 C-EXV14 Tonner (Cannon)
01 mattress
05 distributors
10 computer chairs (stools)
01 Epson and accessories
02 back-ups
04 cartons of five reams of papers that is a total of 24 reams
01 Cannon image runner machine
01 flier long white board
02 gas bottles 

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