Wednesday, September 3, 2014

321Nigerian Soldiers Take Refuge in Northern Cameroon Again

Nigerian soldiers
 They arrived at Mora on the night of Tuesday, September 2 to Wednesday, September 3, 2014 with baggage, arms and ammunition in several vehicles. "Fallback tactic" or desertion, yet the 321soldiers are said to  be from a new battalion of the Nigerian army who crossed the border on Tuesday night to take refuge on the Cameroonian soil where the army give careful consideration to the safety of persons and property.

After dislodging the Nigerian army and all state institutions cities like Gambarou Ngala, Bama and Gwoza in northeastern  the Islamist sect Boko Haram launched an assault last night in the town of Banki (Nigeria), causing the soldiers to seek refuge on Cameroon soil. The battalion arrived in Mora last night and is being escorted by Cameroonian troops to Maroua, where it is alleged that there is the third contingent of the Nigerian army that folds in Cameroon in the space of two weeks.

On 24 August last, the first contingent of 700 soldiers came with twenty armored vehicles before being escorted to the border the next day by the Cameroonian authorities. In the aftermath of the escape, there was another influx of nearly 300 soldiers to Fotokol.

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