Friday, September 26, 2014

Ahead of October 1, Controversy Rocks SCNC Again

Thomas N Nwancham, leader of one of the factions of the Southern Cameroons National Council-SCNC (current National chairman of the Wing)  has issued a Press Release announcing that activities to mark the 54th anniversary celebration of the Independence of the Southern Cameroons initially planned to run from October 1, 2014 to October 1, 2015 have been postponed. According to the communiqué signed on September 21, 2014, Thomas Nwancham states that “ this decision was taken in aftermath of the death of Chief Ayamba. And it is necessary to permit SCNC carryout an internal-reorganization, which should consolidate and strengthen the mother movement, by reducing its existing number of Wings”.
Nfor Ngala Nfor: Acting chairman
The release further outlines that “ may our emphasis on the only one date of 1st October be understood to reaffirm this date and one other, as the indelible mark of Southern Cameroons 1961 Independence. To this effect, we appreciate its recent recognition by Government of the Republic of Cameroon, in terms of President Biya having courageously transferred his purported Reunification Jubilee to February 20, 2014. The surprising change of date, from four previous threats in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, to celebrate the Reunification on a 1st October, is a deserved compensation for the SCNC peaceful disposition, even to the extent of allowing a false Jubilee commemoration in our historic capital of Buea”.
To Thomas N Nwancham, “truly, patience is a portent weapon, so we should never depart from our tested Motto of the “Force of Argument, and not the Argument of Force”. In the Release, the current National Chairman of the Wing (as he calls himself) congratulates the International Community “whose input, by stressing the truth of our 1st October separate Independence, contributed enormously to condescend and restrain the excesses of the Cameroon President”. The release further urges the International Community to enable the Yaounde Authorities to exhibit even greater understanding towards 1st October 2015, so that “we would celebrate the event without the habitual disruptions, arrests, detentions, and torture”.
When contacted Nfor Nfor, National Chairman laughed and questioned whether it is reasonable to postpone a national day celebration? “Was he first of all working with Chief Ayamba”, he questioned. Nfor Nfor went further to stress that when people have nothing doing they always look for issues to hang on. “It doesn't surprise me. When we were arrested and detained in 2010 and 2012 in Buea where was he (Nwanchan)”?

SCNC Activist Mbelle Christopher, others  Wanted 
Yet as the countdown to October 1, 2014 approaches, security forces are seen patrolling the Anglophone regions of Cameroon to hinder any action by SCNC activists. The SCNC considers this date as Independence Day and as in the previous years, they have always marched, hoisted the flag, organized conferences and many other activities. During this period of the year, SCNC activists who have been blacklisted are always targeted by security officials.
Mbelle Christopher: SCNC activist Hunted
The disappearance of an SCNC activist between Buea and Yaounde on February 26, 2014 is still making headlines news among activists.  SCNC activist Mbelle Christopher Ekole is one of the activists in the hunt list of security officials. Allegations are rife at that Mbelle Christopher was killed but another school of thought holds that Mbelle must have gone into hiding as is the case with many SCNC activists that have been blacklisted. Mbelle Christopher Ekole, it should be recalled was formerly the Vice Principal of "College Bilingue Excellence Tercio" in Douala disappeared mysteriously since February 26, 2014 after security officials stormed the school thrice looking for him for promoting SCNC ideologies. It is said that the first time security officers visited the school the establishment during their second visit, the Principal was interrogated for hours. "This school has been visited thrice by police men; in their first visit the whole school was in chaos and in their second and third visit, these men were dressed as civilians intimidated me to tell them the whereabout of my colleague", the Principal said. A close family source hinted that Mbelle's family has not been having it easy with security agents. According to the family source Mbelle's name and photo has been placed at the entrances of police posts. As such, he would be napped in case he wants to abscond out of the country.  
They fear that their son might have been eliminated given that they too do not know his whereabout. What is surprising in all is how SCNC activists are treated. They are treated as secessionists and promoters of disunity. Eventhough SCNC is advocating for the reinstatement of the sovereignty and statehood of Southern Cameroons, it members are persistently being intimidated, harassed, brutalized, arrested, tortured and tormented ruthlessly, imprisoned, kidnapped and or murdered in cold blood. 
It should be noted that prior to the 50th Anniversary of Reunification celebration of Cameroon that took place in Buea ob February 20, 2014, Mbelle Christopher was arrested in Muyuka while he was on his way to Mile 14 with his 7 years old son. The question as to whether the innocent young man was also arrested along with the father abound high. Nfor Nfor is quoted to have lamented the way the citizens of Southern Cameroons are ill treated by elements of La Republique. 

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