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Saturday, September 6, 2014

At Back to School: Community Link Up Project for the Disable Seeks Assistance

Pilot Inclusive Vocational School based in Bamenda, North West region of Cameroon is seeking support from well wishers to enable it carry out one f its most cherished projects. Upon Completion, the school is expected to create a more inclusive environment for disabled people through equipping them with life skills and facilitating their social reinsertion.

Richard Tambe: Founder
The  school  is  the  brain  child  of  the  above  non  governmental  and  non profit  service  organization  founded  in  1995  by  Richard  Tambe  himself,  who  is  a  mobility  impaired  since  1986.  He  lost  his  job  with  a  government  civil  engineering  company  due  to  mobility  impairment  and  found  it  difficult  to  attend  a  regular  school  to  further  his  education:  this  was  due  to  inaccessibility  issues.  

The  main  objective  is  to  promote  inclusive  education and  an  inclusive  society!  

 In  2003  construction  work  commenced  for  a  school  project  with  the  intention  that  on  completion will  run  an  inclusive  vocational  school.  
 An  inclusive  vocational  school  is  intended  to  provide  a  standard  education  to  all  kinds  of  learners without  discrimination  of  any  sort  and  the  learners  will  have  the  opportunity  also  to  acquire  basic technical  skills  in  trades  of  their  choice.  

School Campus
 The  school  has  not  been  able  to  take  off  with  activities  since  2008.  The  school  building,  the  yard,  access  road,  and  others  has  been  abandoned  to  grass  and  bush,  vandals  and  thieves.  
 In  2008  school  activities  attempted  a  take  off  but  could  not  continue  due  to  the  fact  that  the  funding  provided  by  a  registered  British  Charity  was  discontinued  due  to  the  passing  on  of  the  lady  in  charge.  
Management  of  the  charity  changed  hands  and  are  unfortunately  are  focusing  their  activity  to another  continent.  


The school needs urgent Assistance  

       -­  IN  KIND  
(building  or  school  materials,  e.g.  a  bag  of  cement,  paint,  a  desk,  chalk  board,  aso.)  
       -­  FINANCIAL  
       -­  VOLUNTEERS  

Any assistance received will  be  highly  acknowledged.    
The  assistance  will  go  a  long  way  to  solve  the  various  problems  of  the  school.  


For more information

contact: Pilote Inclusive Vocational School, Mile 8, Irad Road, Mankon Bamenda,P.O.BOX 475,North West Region, Cameroon–Africa
Tel-- 0023777658030

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