Friday, September 5, 2014

Hon. Cavaye Replies Overzealous Lekie Elite(s)

Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, President of the National Assembly (Pan), Cameroon, has sent a response to the ministers of the Centre region signatories to the so called “Lékié Memorandum on Boko Haram” on behalf of elite(s) of the Far -North the country. Hon. Cavaye has responded to accusations of a string of ministers from the Central Region, and Lékié Division who signed a petition addressed to Paul Biya, called "the Call from Lékié. " In their appeal, some elites stigmatized their compatriots from the north [composed of Adamawa capital Ngaoundere, North (Garoua), Far North (Maroua) to be local relays to Boko Haram. They described them as the instigators of the destabilization of Cameroon through a rebellion disguised as "Boko Haram Cameroon."
To many Cameroonians, this was inappropriate, counterproductive and dangerous given the current context, with the country's commitment in it crusade against the bloodthirsty terrorists, blind and lawless Islamist sect, common enemy countries that share borders with Nigeria.
Also, such a posture adopted by men visibly caught up with their antics and constant quest for political positioning, causing trouble in this nation made up of over 250 ethnic groups. "Political immaturity" say other observers, in an environment where Christians and Muslims have lived in harmony since time immemorial. So, Hon. Cavaye responded to the very serious accusations of his political comrades, for the people of Far North in general and the elite in particular, these allegations are accusations very serious. Better still, they are inappropriate, dangerous to the cohesion of Cameroon and harmful for national unity. The hints of stigma they carry to the place of brave, dignified and loyal son of the North, more call to the partition of Cameroon, to its construction, or the mobilization of all to fight against a common enemy called Boko Haram, wrote the third personality of the state.

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