Monday, September 1, 2014

Ndansi Elvis Creates The Unexpected with Shaa Competition

The grand final of Ndansi Elvis's Shaa competition took place recently at the Misaje Market Square with 20 contenders on board. The competition which registered the presence of over one thousand spectators according to NUDP National Youth President is intended to instill hygiene and sanitation in the selling of local liquor "shaa". The liquor competition popular known as the "Shaa Festival" it should be noted is in its second edition. This produce which is produced out of fermented maize is highly consumed in the entire Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region and beyond. The second edition started at Dumbu town on August 23, and then moved to Kameni, Nkanchi before the grand final in Misaje on August 26, 2014. 
Addressing the public and shaa sellers, Ndansi Elvis said that he has not come to encourage the consumption of the local liquor but as someone who was raised by a shaa seller, he thought it necessary to instill hygiene and sanitation in the sector. "I have come with modern washing basins that will help to improve on hygiene and sanitation", he said. The main idea, he said is to promote cleanliness given that cleanliness is Godliness. He also used the event to launch "operation 12 noon", which he said will eradicate the drinking of shaa in the early hours or contribute to laziness. The shaa sellers unanimously agreed that they will have to go to the farms before opening their sales points. He said by so doing Misaje will be productive. He frowned at the manner at which court cases are rampant. Ndansi called on the population to be law abiding and that they should always go to the traditional councils and that the courts should be the last resort. "Every misunderstanding should not always be taken to the courts", given that mutual coexistence is the cornerstone of solidarity and communal growth he reminded the population. 
 From Dumbu to Kameni, Nkanchi and Misaje, all the participants went home with a modern bucket each, participation prizes ranging from 3000 to FCFA 5.000 while the winners went home with a cellphone each, trophy and cash prizes ranging from 60.000, 30.000, 15.000 and 10.000 FCFA.Prospects for the festival going Divisional are very high as shaa sellers in Ndu, Nkambe, Ako and Nwa subdivisions have expressed their enthusiasm in participating.
It should be recalled that during that week, NUDP Youth President also donated 20 scholarships to youths. (details soon).
Volunteers savouring shaa at the festival 

Ndansi Elvis Drinking shaa
Ndansi talking to the crowd

This is what the first prize took home (including a bucket and 60.000 FCFA)
When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

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