Sunday, October 26, 2014

At Funeral Service: Fru Ndi Crowns Mangoh Jones Tanko as SDF Ambassador in Heaven

Ni John Fru Ndi, SDF National chairman has declared that Kort Mangoh Jones Tanko is the SDF Ambassador in heaven. Speaking to over the over 20.000 mourners who showed up at Mbot Baptist Church to pay their last homage to the departed baobab, SDF chieftain in his eulogy said the former mayor of Nkambe lived with and died in the SDF spirit of 90s. He described Kort Mangoh Jones Tanko as a veritable social democrat and man who has achieved his task on earth. He said he could not be indifferent to the passing to eternity of a man who has impacted several lives in many different ways reasons why he traveled under the rain to Mbot village to crown Mangoh Jones as SDF Ambassador in heaven. 
"We are here because an old broom is gone. When we launched the SDF,  Mangoh was among the most devoted militants", Fru emphasized. He lamented that politics in Donga Mantung Division is almost like war. Fru Ndi also frowned at the fact that instead of celebrating the life of Mangoh Jones, some persons were in jubilation that  now that Mangoh is dead, so is the SDF too. To the national chairman, the demise of Mangoh is like a seed that has been planted that will germinate more Mangohs in Nkambe. In reaction to a newspaper story which speculated  whether he (Fru Ndi) will attend the burial of the man who planted the SDF in Donga Mantung, he said he had long reconciled with Mangoh.  
 On his part, the Senior Divisinal Officer for Donga Mantung Division said that the death of Mangoh is a great lost to humanity. 
On the other hand, Hon Awudu Mbaya, MP for Donga Mantung Centre Constituency said that Mangoh's legacy at the helm of Nkambe council remain unbeatable. "You constructed a Council chamber that is second to none in the Northwest Region and you left the office of mayor with your head high". Hon Awudu also described Mangoh as a veritable combatant, a man who is the 90s "was a refugee in his own country". He said Mangoh never died of frustration and that even those who thought that by refusing to pay his bills at the council would frustrate him failed woefully.  "Majority of the people loved you; only a few were in jubilation that you have left us". 
Kan Elroy Moses, Mayor of Santa/UCCC NW President described Mangoh as a man of his words and political fact books. He said he knew Mangoh was he was Divisional Treasurer for Donga Mantung and since then they have never parted. He told the story how he tried to convinced Mangoh to join the CPDM, and he rejected. He said Mangoh lived and died as a fulfilled man. 
Those who could be spotted from the crowd included among others Ngafeeson Emmanuel Bantar, Hon. Banadzem, Hon. Njong, Hon. Ndong Lary-hills, Hon. Esther Ngala, Hon. Abe, Hon. Tansi Tang, Hon. Ngoran, Hon. Wirkwa. Some of the mayors that could be identified in the crowd included, Njong Donatus of Kumbo, Sammy Mbgatta, Langsi Abel of Bafut, Jaff Romanus of Jakiri, Ngomfe David of Nwa, Bunyui Jonathan of Ndu, Suila Aruna of Nkum, Fonguh Cletus of Bamenda III, Mayor of Ako, and all the deputy mayors of all these councils listed above. (Details of the other speakers later) 
Fru Ndi, SDF National Chairman paying last respect to Mangoh Jones

Here lieth the Man Kort Mangoh Jones Tanko

Mangoh's family


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