Friday, October 3, 2014

Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference: Cameroon Portrays its Greatness in Democracy

Cameroon is hosting the 60th edition of Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference in Yaounde, the nation capital. This infact is an indicator that Cameroon is doing great in the eyes of the International Community. Delegates from member countries have started arriving Cameroon for the historic Conference, the first of its kind since independence. Political analysts say the holding of this conference will go a long way to boost the democratic process in the country. The pluralistic nature of the Cameroon National Assembly is also an eloquent testimony of the fact that Cameroon has gone far in implementing democratic principles. The Senate too on the other hand is another prove of institutional advancement.  In order to guarantee a successful conference, the National Organizing Committee at the National Assembly has been meeting with the various committees and sub-committees. Hon. Emilia Monjowa Lifaka, coordinator of the organizing committee in a Press briefing told journalists that everything is set for the conference. Hon. Banmi Emmanuel chairman of the subcommittee for communication speaking over the National Television also disclosed that all is ready for the historic event.  

It should be recalled that the Committee’s Secretariat has also been equipped with new and sophisticated materials including computers, internet connections, printers, photocopiers. The Director of the Congress Hall Mien Zoh said every other thing was ready for a smooth take off as well.
Members of the National Assembly’s Daily Journal are also expected to produce daily write-ups in accordance to the required standards of the Commonwealth.

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