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Dr. Ndonwie Peter: Symbol of CPDM Political Endurance in NW

Dr. Ndonwie Peter: The pragmatic politician you're hearing of
Indian philosopher, PR Sarkar, developed a new science of society that was neither solely past-oriented nor present oriented. Sarkar’s goal was to embark on a balanced institutional art whereby silenced voices are given room to be heard and out of sight structures given the opening to be known. That theory brought to limelight those who have been doing great things silently. The unsung heroes and or silence achievers are people who think and act for the betterment of society. 
They are the good grains of the future on which society can rely on in order to face the numerous emerging challenges. History, they say is sprinkled with the legacies of the few unique and courageous individuals. They are the few believe in collective efforts and not personal aggrandizement. When comparing their personality qualities, the first thing that appear is that there are many reoccurring characteristics such as courage, farsighted, creative, passion for work and strong willpower. In the Cameroon political landscape, and precisely in the North West Region, one of such personalities who has distinguished himself as a silent achiever  is Dr. Ndonwie Peter. 
What makes him different from others is that he is a multifaceted and energetic politician who is an upright development expert. Whenever I get the statement that a hero is never known in his area, I always think of Dr. Ndonwie as the only hero who has defeated that notion to be loved and cherished by his people. This is so because Dr. Ndonwie Peter has demonstrated that each village, town and region can give and assert its own political development. This he has implemented successfully in his Nkwen village and in Bamenda town. This was the challenge Dr. Ndonwie Peter took last September 19, to turn tables in Nkwen in favour of the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement-CPDM. To him, politics gives way for people to reflect and articulate on what development might mean through collective authentic efforts. In other words, articulate an alternative development standard in which the evolution of popular life is not to be distorted and abused for personal interest. 
And as a great apostle of President Paul Biya, he was apt to tell the people that the dream of achieving sustainable development can only be fruitful if the people of Nkwen support the ruling party. In fact, impressionists always say that all human beings are born politicians but only the most result-oriented like Dr. Ndonwie Peter can make politics an interesting game of ideologies. Making politics and development bed-mates is one of his childhood dreams. There is no gainsaying that without him in Nkwen-Bamenda, the CPDM would have been a shadow of itself. Many have often likened him to Farfre in the Mayor of Casterbridge due to the fact that everything he touches prospers reasons why he is said to be the only hero that is known in his home-town. As a highly structured gentleman, Dr. Ndonwie Peter does not only talk theories but put everything he says into action. If we go by Plato’s definition of a philanthropist, no one individual has demonstrated such a breathtaking ability to face human limitation, to cater for all what is robbed of the common man and then march beyond it into a life that knows no restriction like Dr. Ndonwie.  As a politician, Dr. Ndonwie Peter falls within the ranks of those who happily give others and partake in their problems. Some say he is a Good Samaritan; others say he is a perfect philanthropist while a majority sees him as an astute politician with a human face. Those who were in Bamenda during the heat of the "ghost town" would agree that he is one of those who stepped in to stop the looting and destruction of property by vandals. 
The Man
Dr. Ndonwie Peter was born in 1968 in Nkwen-Bamenda in the Mezam Division of the North West Region of Cameroon. He holds a Master Degree in Humanitarian Studies from University of Liverpool ( School of Tropical Medicine) and PhD in Business and Management from University of South Central (Los Angeles) USA. At International level he is working as a development consultant and is the Program Director of Pan African Organisation for Research and Protection of Violence on Women and Children in Ghana. From 2010, 2011 and 2012 Dr. Ndonwie Peter won numerous awards for his work. He received the ‘’Best Social Entrepreneur’’ award for promoting the rights of children in Northern Ghana from a Swedish Organisation (Reach for Change) and Tigo Ghana, an award that has supported his work with more than $75,000 for the past three years. As researcher, he is also a refined writer of many story books in his credit and development publications. This is so because has spent more than 18 years studying and working in development related programs in Cameroon, United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, Ghana and other countries. He is married with children. 
The Astute Politician
Dr. Ndonwei
Ndonwie Peter started militating in the CDPM party when he was still very young. His political prowess caught the admiration of his peers and he was voted YCPDM Section President for Mezam I from 2000- 2006. In 2006, when he left the country for a Master Degree program in Humanitarian Studies at Liverpool University UK, he handed the baton of command to his other young colleague. 
His leadership qualities started showing up when he was YCPDM Sub-Section President for the Nkwen and YCPDM Branch President of Alhalie Branch in Nkwen. Ndonwei Peter contributed much to bring back the love of CPDM among the people of Bamenda and North West Region at large. 
He worked tirelessly with CPDM bigwigs like Professor Peter Abety, Minister John Niba Ngu, Rt Hon. Achidi Achu, Pa Atia, Fon Angwafo of Mankon, Professor Ephraim Ngwafor, Matoya Cletus, Zacheuse Forjidam and other important personalities in the 90's to bring back CPDM into NWR during the days of multiparty politics.
It was under his leadership as the Sub-section president of Nkwen that the first ever CPDM Presidential, Legislative and Municipal election campaign were organised in Nkwen Motor Park which was a no go area for CPDM. In those days it was very difficult for people to wear CPDM gadgets in Bamenda town, yet as leader of the CPDM Party Police in Nkwen, he was courageous enough to wear CPDM gadgets and move with them around town. While he was in-charge of Nkwen, Cletus Matoya was in charge of Mankon in that same capacity. 
Together with Professor Abety Peter and other youths under his leadership, he adopted non-violence political strategy which dismantled all road blocks by  SDF vandals and the coalition of opposition leaders in Bamenda and NWR. During the famous ‘’Ghost Town’’, he worked hard for it not to succeed. Besides, he is on record as the only courageous CPDM militant who to witnessed the “Black Wednesday” event of the SDF and reported to his party hierachy.  As the first son of Nkwen to rise to the position of the YCPDM Section
Dr. Ndonwie leads delegation to hand gifts to Fon of Nkwen
President in Mezam I Bamenda, he was also among those selected as Councilors for CPDM list during the Municipal Election in the then Bamenda Urban Council with Able Ndeh as list leader given that he (Abel Ndeh) was the CPDM Section President.
Despite the fact that he has been out of the country for 8 years working in International Development, he doesn't miss any CPDM event or make significant contribution. During the last Senatorial elections Dr. Ndonwie supported Mezam I with FCFA 100,000 and was personally present to work for his party to win. During Youth Day celebrations,(11 February) and National Day celebrations (20th May) he is always back home to support CPDM militants of Nkwen and Bamenda to celebrate these important days in the life of the country. Above all, every time he contributes at least FCFA 200.000 to support the printing of gadgets and drinks for militants after match-pass.
Though (Dr. Ndonwie Peter’s) name was not on CPDM council list for Bamenda III during the last Municipal and Legislative elections, he still returned to Cameroon to support the CPDM campaign team in Bamenda. He offered his vehicle and other logistic including financial support of 250,000 FRS make sure that his party activities go on smoothly. Even though the results favoured the CPDM, his presence in Nkwen and Bamenda III enabled his party to improve its performance on the ground moving from a meager 1000 votes to over 5000.
Recently Dr. Ndonwie Peter joined Fon Azehfor III of Nkwen to turn tables in favour of the CPDM so that before next coming elections in Cameroon, the CPDM will be at the forefront and could win Bamenda III Council as well as the lone Parliamentary seat for Bamenda/Bali Constituency. He donated more than FCFA 1000,000 towards the realisation the program which took place on the 19th Sept 2014 at Nkwen palace plaza in the present of all important personalities of the Region. 15 fons (traditional rulers) and elite of Nkwen and Mezam attended the groundbreaking event. Worthy to note that all CPDM party T-Shirts with the inscription NEW DAWN FOR NKWEN AND  BAMENDA III were printed by him with the support of his family. 
Sports Promoter
In the domain of Sport and Leisure, Ndonwie Peter has also left an indelible mark of greatness. He was the only son of Nkwen who successfully organised and sponsored an inter-quarter football and handball tournament in his area on the banner of the CPDM (CPDM CUP Competition) including a Mini Mountain Race up Nta-beh-sheh hill.  He was courageously enough to cough out over FCFA 500,000 to finance the competition each time it was organised.
It should be recalled that when the government of Cameroon created the Gendarmerie Brigade Research in Bamenda at Mile 4 Nkwen, Dr. Ndonwie Peter donate a Peugeot 405 to that Brigade Research to facilitate its intervention on the ground. Apart from this donation, he always gave out his Toyota 4X4 Hilux to the Brigade Commander to facilitate his movements in town

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