Friday, October 24, 2014


By Wamey Panky
The yesterday storm was wild,
Arrogant ‘nd the unkind form,
That swept away the political icon,
The icon and the people’s reckon.
 Oh Mangoh that was! Will never be.
The man that stung his adversaries like bee;
The man who loved his people;
The man that to the end worked for his people.
 Where were the vanguards when the earth quark came?
Where were the Awudu Mbayas when the storm came?
If the people had known the thief’s time,
With spears, guns, bows and arrows fought the tide.
 O life a stage!
Yes, Mangoh walked gently away from the stage.
Mortal man says he abandoned incomplete assigns;
Yet, God approves he was done with own assigns.
 Mangoh bows out from the sinful world;
He quilts suffering and troublesome world;
He bye-byes the witch–hunting ‘nd vampires of Donga;
He adieus the vindictive cum archaic politicians of Donga.
Hear some mortals celebrated his departure,
This world not our home for soon shall they embark same.
He who dances today shall tomorrow lame ‘nd  cry;
Yes! Mangoh shall his beloved Donga to God cry.
 He leaves stony foot-prints on the sand of time!
The town green, Grandstand and many resemble him fine.
The man who inscribed on the town’s development tabloid;
Yes every village his name engraved on the development tabloid.
 The S- Doubts and mourns;
Yet his adversaries dance and mows,
Though to eternity gone;
Many Mangohs again are born to keep the struggle flaming.
 Those who know Death ‘nd God Weep no more:
With God’s reasons shall bless the more;
Mbayas weep no more, the party here must live.
Hard work, truth and justice here must live.
His works stares at our faces.
His hard words continue to haunt their faces.
Here lies a man who loved truth and Justice.
In eternity like God’s spouse he now practice.

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

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