Tuesday, October 7, 2014

That Landmark Speech by Fon Azefor III of Nkwen on September 19, 2014


The Senators
Government Ministers
The Governor North West Region
The S.D.O Mezam
The D.O Bamenda III
Members of The Central Committee CPDM,
The Lord Mayor Bamenda III
All Protocol Respected
Ladies and Gentlemen

You are highly welcome to this Fondom of Nkwen must especially to the militants of CPDM in the North West in general and Mezam I section in particular. Since I was enthroned as the Paramount Ruler of Nkwen Fondom, different villages, institutions, political parties have paid either a private or public courtesy visit to the Palace. Today, the militants of Mezam I section of the CPDM have decided in a colorful and public appearance to pay me a visit of recognition of my enthronement as the Paramount Ruler of Nkwen Fondom.
Fon Azefor III
Thank you for this thoughtful idea, feel at home. At the end of the celebrations of the missing Fon, I made it clear you that the Palace door will remain open to all sons and daughters of Nkwen in particular and the general public concerned at any moment. Now I know that the political wind of change is blowing not only across Nkwen as it used to be but is blowing in Nkwen. Your massive turn out during today’s event can best testify this. I strongly believed that my people will used this opportunity to be able to identify themselves with a political party of their choice. Your visit here could not have passed unnoticed. I had to mobilse my people to turn out in their numbers to receive you; militants of Mezam I Section of the CPDM.
Je saisie de cette occasion pour félicités le President National du RDPC et Le President de la République Son Excellence Paul Biya pour des multiples projet des développements qui sons envisager pour Nkwen et le Département de la MEZAM dans l’avenir. J’envoye l’expression de mes gratitudes au President National d’avoir crier les délègues régionaux, départementaux et des arrondissements pour mieux gérer les affair du RDPC au Cameroun. Ceci coincide avec ceux des militante(s) de la Section RDPC de MEZAM Premier qui ont eu cette idée de m’offerte cette visite colore et rafraichissants du dix huit Septembre deux mille quatorze, ce geste me va droit au cœur. Toutes vos actions démontre votre engagements firme pour rétablir du l’ordre, la discipline, la comptabilité et du respecte de la hiérarchie au sein de notre partir chose que nous apprécions. Cette mobilisation massives ou esplanat de mon palais démontre clairement que nous somme avec vous et pour vous.
Your Excellency, do not forget them when it comes to the appointment of people to head the Regional and Divisional Coordinating unit of the Ruling CPDM party. To this great gesture, I have decided to offer a site to host either the Regional, Divisional or a General Secretariat of the CPDM.
Your Excellency, I hope you know the sacrifices rendered by John Ngu Foncha toward the reunification and eventual independence of Cameroon. Foncha was a Prince from Nkwen. Since ever Foncha left office, the Nkwen people have been forgotten when it come to appointments. No Nkwen son or daughter has been appointed as, D.O S.D.O, Governors, Manager, Director, Minister or even to the post of a Government Delegate. I am strongly convinced that the time is now. I have well educated sons and daughters who can as well be appointed to any governmental position you deemed necessary. Nkwen is fast growing following its strategical location in Mezam in particular and North West in general. All the tribes of Cameroon are resident in Nkwen and this makes Nkwen a melting point of all the cultures of Cameroon. Let us live in peace with all these immigrant population as President Paul Biya said “Cameroonians are free to live anywhere in Cameroon”
The Head of State, President Paul Biya and the arm forces are fighting a war of survival against Boko Haram sects, whose aim is to kill as many Cameroonians as possible. The president and the arm forces alone cannot win the war. All of us must join them in this battle. We have to be vigilant and report to the administration and the forces of law and order any strange people we see roaming in our quarters. We want to join the President to maintain the peace that has existed in Cameroon for the past 32 years. Once more we pledge our full support to you as the National chairman of the CPDM and the President of the Republic of Cameroon.
My Fondom is facing the difficulties of rapid population growth, limited water supply, poor road infrastructure, electricity, and lack of medical doctors at the lone PMI and Nkwen Health center among others. This will go a long way to reduce the risk of exposing our population to the rampant spread of diseases especially the Ebola virus. Listen to the cry of your children. The rapid population growth tells us that Nkwen Fondom needs to be raised to a “First Class Fondom”, more Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools to be constructed, Hospital to be upgraded with permanent doctors, and enclave quarters to be electrified and open up.
With regard to voter’s registration, Bamenda three is ranked second in the North West and I hope that when the registers shall be opened again, we shall be first on the list. We are also doing our best to update the voter’s registration with death events. Remember that you once mentioned that “Bamenda is your second home” I know Nkwen Fondom will subsequently be your Third Home.
To you the militants of Mezam I Section of the CPDM, I say thank you for this brilliant visit which has given me the opportunity to express some of my words to the National Chairman. May you all continue to stand up in unity as clearly stated in your motto. Learn to always bury your differences. Unity will make you to achieve a lot of things in the nearest future. Once more I say thank you all for coming. I hope we shall all join the National Chairman on November 6th to celebrate another birthday as the President of the Republic of Cameroon. Remember that the CPDM party is a party of development, a party of peace, a party of hope and the only party that will lead us through in the program of H.E Paul Biya “ Cameroon emergence by 2035”. I will continue to rally my people to stand behind him when ever need arises. It should also be noted that my father whom I succeed was among the Fons of the North West that crowned our Head of State as the “Fon of Fons”. So always remember this and we will not lay down the back of the CPDM in Nkwen in particular and Mezam I section in general.

God bless you all
Long live the CPDM Party
Long Live the Nkwen Fondom
Long Live the National Chairman of CPDM
Long live Cameroon

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