Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tribute to Mangoh Jones: Sleep Well My Hero

By Tamngwa Marcel Kwalar

Just like the sun that rises from the East
And sets to the West
Sleep Well My Hero
Shinning bright on all bringing dusk to the world
So too were you Mangoh Jones Tanko
But you took us aback as suddenly went to sleep
Leaving the municipality cool and fresh
And the weather thundered ….splashes of light
To confirm your comparable greatness
And Mbot burst out in tears
Where is Mangoh Jones Tanko?
You were strong than the lion
And swifter than the eagle
You were always the head and not the tail
And you wrote your name
Amongst the type of names found in our great books
A larger universal just like the sun
That doesn’t discriminate on whosoever it shines
And your loyalty to a course so consistent
You stood firm to those founding principles
Which our forebears fought for and died for
An encyclopedia of Wimbum culture and history
A political marathoner who was ever present
You were home to three virtues
You taught us patience, courage and persistence
You were brave even to death
Now you are right behind the hills and mountains
And I weep for you my Hero and friend
The no-nonsense Mangoh Jones Tanko
You were like a jewel to the Mbot people
That is why the haves and the have-nots
Even our childrens’ children yet to be born
Shall seek earnestly for knowledge of you
But here you lie in the casket
Deaf to our cries, weeping and mourning
We search in the dark thinking that you will see us
But your eyes are blind even to the
Thousands that pay you tribute from the silence of their hearts
Sleep well pride of Mbot
Sleep well friend of the people
Sleep well son of the lion
Sleep well our history book
Sleep well bever of great dreams and vision
Sleep well Mangoh Jones Tanko
Sleep well my Hero

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

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