Thursday, November 6, 2014

32nd Anniversary of President Biya’s Ascension to Power: Misaje Confirms Loyalty

 By FC Ndi

There was ecstasy and trumpet blast in the four centres in Misaje Sub Division where supporters of President Paul Biya gathered to commemorate the 32 years of President Biya as head of State of Cameroon. From Dumbu, to Kidung down to Chunghe and Misaje the population demonstrated that what could not be said in speeches can be transmitted in songs. The chief celebrant, Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry, Secretary of State for Mines, Industries and Technological Development who was flanked by the Divisional Officer for Misaje,
Minister Fuh Calistus Talking to the Press
the Mayor, Alternate Member of Parliament and others who were conspicuously buried in the crowd moved from one celebration centre to another to commune with the people.
It was a moment of joy and communion as could be observed from the massive turnout.  In his keynote speeches in all the four centres, Minister Fuh Calistus Gentry dueled on the 32 years of peace, economic stability and development progress Cameroonians have enjoyed. He told the crowd of CPDM militants and sympathizers that the marriage between Misaje and President Paul Biya will last forever. To Minister Fuh Calistus, the CPDM in Misaje is a social forum and not a political party. He narrated how due to the love the people have for President Paul Biya, Misaje in 1996 was the lone flag bearer of the CPDM in Donga Mantung Division. And that during the 2007 Municipal and Legislative elections, the CPDM won with a 50+4 score (when he Minister Calistus was Parliamentary candidate) and in the last September 30, 2013 elections the CPDM won with a crushing majority of 65%. He described President Biya as a senior statesman who has proven his worth in handling issues. He cited the villages that were given back to Cameroon in Nwa sub Division in the Donga Mantung Division as part of the Green Tree Accord as the symbol of the dexterity in which President Biya handled the Bakassi crisis.
Minister Fuh Calistus addressing the crowd

Harping on why Misaje Sub Division will remain loyal to President Boya and the ruling CPDM, Minister Fuh Calistus reminded the population that President Paul Biya himself created Misaje Sub Division, “so he is our father”.  He echoed that after the next Parliamentary session, the population will be shocked at what the President Paul Biya will offer them in terms of development. He said that the creation of the Kimbi-Fungom National Park is part of the developmental programmes aimed at disenclaving Misaje Sub Division. As border sub Division, he cautioned the population to be vigilant and serve as the eye and ears of the administration. On some of the achievements and projects earmarked for the Sub Division, Minister Fuh Calistus talked elaborately on the 30 million FCFA for the construction of rural roads, and the construction of the road Kedung to Akweto that has been awarded and several other bridges. He also announced that a total sum of 150 million FCFA has been approved for the electrification of Misaje town and the planting of poles from Misaje to Nkambe will start soon with the sum of 30 million. He also announced that solar panels will be planted in Misaje and five other villages. In addition, he revealed that a youth center worth 150 million FCFA will be constructed at Mfume village.
Sammy Mbgata addressing the population
On his part, Sammy Mbgata Nforkemba, the Mayor of Misaje who doubles as Section President was categorical that the biggest legacy of President Biya’s 32 years in power is peace and development. To Sammy Mbgata, the peace that Cameroonians are enjoying is the greatest asset humanity needs for survival. “Without peace we cannot work in our farms and or have what to eat. I was thrilled when I listened to the head of state responding to journalists on the Boko Haram issue. He said that if Cameroon could fight “maquizards” then Boko Haram is nothing”. In his conclusion, the Mayor of Misaje council said that he will not waste time talking on the achievements of the council but that the population themselves are witnesses to the numerous projects. “We will have time to take stock of council activities”, he concluded.
While at the Misaje Grandstand, which was the last lap of the tour of the centres, a Motion of Support and Encouragement was issued to express gratitude to President Paul Biya for appointing Yang Philemon Prime Minister, Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry Secretary of State and other North West Elite into Government.  

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