Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fon Thanks WICUDA; Says Njirong-Ntumbaw Problem was Resolved in 2004

 HRH Fon Kennedy Nagnjo of Njirong has issued a letter in which he has expressed his mind on the decision by WICUDA to put in place a crisis management committee on the Njirong-Ntumbaw land crisis. Here below is the letter..

Dear All,
We wish to thank the delegates to the recently held enlarged exco meeting of WICUDA National in Bamenda. We particularly thank them for their resolution creating a so-called crisis management committee to examine the Njirong-Ntumbaw problem. In this so-called resolution they have indicated they will be asking the parties concern to submit documents to the committee so they look into this matter. We appreciate this attempt. However, we wish, to remind the WICUDA National EXCO that the matter was resolved by the government of Cameroon in June 2004 and reconfirmed on October 18th 20012 following the numerous appeal petitions submitted by Ntumbaw. The politicians who organized this meeting are fully aware of the various administrative decisions that have been taken regarding this matter. In short they know this matter was resolved. It is, therefore, ridiculously shameful that these political leaders are attempting to re-harsh history and consequently stepping into a no go zone. This matter was resolved legally by the administrative authorities, period. We advise our leaders to stop bringing politics into sensitive issues that have led to loss of lives, people physically handicapped and others almost rendered physically incapacitated. We remember one of them stating in a meeting in Mbot that even in parliament they make laws and change them at will . We wish to ask if they are out to reverse the administrative decisions that have resolved a crisis that have lasted for over 40 years as they do with the laws in parliament? Njirong will not be part of any political man-oeuvre wherein politicians want to attain cheap popularity by propagating evil and falsehood in Wimbum land at the expense of the truth. We are fully aware of this agenda and thus would like to remind them that Njirong will not be a yardstick for political adventurism and indulgent nonsense. We suggest WICUDA focuses its attention on development issues and those pertaining to our culture. Attempting to venture into an issue that has been legally resolved is in itself naive and senseless. God bless WICUDA.
FON Kennedy Nganjo
Fon of Njirong

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