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Ndu Council ECCUForum Kick-starts December 12-14( A Not to Miss Event Economic/ Cultural Fiesta)

The Ndu Council Economic and Cultural Forum, dubbed ECCUForum has been scheduled to hold from December 12 to 14. In view of the smooth function of the Ndu Council ECCUForum, the Mayor has issued a Press Release that spells out the modalities of participators as well as the various committees that will oversee the activities of the forum. Here below is the Press Release issued by Bunyui Emmanuel, the Lord Mayor on November 5, 2014. 

 Press Release

Considering the Law No. 2004/018 of 22nd July 2004 laying down rules governing Local Councils in Cameroon;
Considering the deliberations of the Education and Social Welfare Committee instituting an annual Festival of Arts and Culture, Agric and pastoral/ Economic Forum in December 2014 in Ndu;
In view of the fact that MINADER, Donga Mantung will be organizing the mini Agro-Pastoral show in Ndu on Saturday Lih ( 13th Dec 2014) to catch up with the Regional show in Bamenda, and given that 70% of participants will comprise those coming for the Cultural and Economic Forum;
Mindful of the Ndu Council schedule for the end of year, 2014, and viewing the preparations so far put in this regard;
The Ndu Municipal Council will be organizing an Economic & Cultural Forum  ECCUForum from December 12-14, 2014 in Ndu Town.
The Council has put in place various Committees as follows:
(1)   Organizing and Planning Committee: This committee will meet to chat out the best approach to making the activities and events a success. It will oversee the activities of the other committees.( Chair, 1st Dep. Mayor D1)
(2)   Arts and Culture Committee: This committee shall identify the various cultural and artistic activities and groups or individuals who will animate in this sector. It shall equally communicate and give modalities for their participation at the festival.( Chair, Tantoh Emmanuel)
(3)   Agro-pastoral Committee: This committee shall work in line with the committee that has been handling Agro-Pastoral shows in past years, and liaise this up within the framework of the Festival. It shall as well work out modalities for mobilizing farmers and cattle rearers and other livestock farmers.( Chair, Sub Del. MINADER, Ndu)
(4)   Economic Forum Committee: This committee shall work out strategies to encourage economic operators to invest in the Ndu Council area. It shall as well invite small and medium size entrepreneurs to display their saviors faire and prospects during this forum. It shall also identify economic potentials of the area, in various fields, like Tourism, Crafts, Agriculture, livestock, transport, etc.( 4th Deputy Mayor, D4)
(5)   Communication and Outreach Committee: This committee shall publicize the event as much and far as possible. It shall use all available avenues, viz, radio, telephone, internet, markets, churches, schools newspapers, television etc to publicize the Festival, as well as mobilize and sensitize the local, national and international community to massively take part in the event. ( Chair, Fai Cassien Ndi, Sec. Jitzi George Tanko Tandoh..Tarlusi)).
(6)   Logistics, Feeding and Transport Committee: It shall put up stands for the event; get the necessary equipment to ensure a total success; organize feeding and transportation of invited guests, groups and traditional/ public authorities during the event. ( Chair, 3rd Dep. Mayor, D3)
General supervision shall be under the auspices of the Lord Mayor.
Time Line of the Events:
(a)   September-October 2014:       Putting in place the Committees and making them go operational
(b)   November 2014: Mobilization, sensitization and Publicity go into high gear; Identification of groups in various sectors like Culture, crafts, agriculture, livestock, economic potentials and registering same; Council session                 ( Nov. 28, 2014)
(c)   December 1- December 10, 2014: Meetings of all the Committees with the Lord Mayor; Final preparatory meetings in committees
(d)   December 11, 2014:  Examination of logistics, equipment and other necessities
(e)   December 12, 2014: Launching of the event proper with cultural manifestations
(f)     December 13, 2014: Agro-Pastoral Show opened by SDO, Donga Mantung
(g)   December 14, 2014: Dedication in Churches; Discussions in various for a on the Economy/ Trade and Potentials of the Ndu Municipality with Resource persons/ while Mbum artists animate and display in various stands
The Following shall be of interest for forum discussions to the Ndu Council:
(1) The Tea Sector in Ndu
(2) Cash /Food crops and other agric issues
(3) Our Health, our Economy
(4) Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries
(5) Small & Medium size enterprises
(6) Taxation and business in Ndu
(7) Farm to Market roads
(8) Ethics, Values and the future of Mbum
(9) Limbum, Mbum Tradition, Mbum Culture and Christianity/Islam
(10)      Others
Those willing to present papers on December 14 to get in touch with the Lord mayor ( 77848107 ) or 1st Deputy Mayor (D1),( 77370238)
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