Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ndu Council ECCUForum: Opportunity for Investors and Economic Operators

 The Ndu Council Economic and Cultural Forum has been billed to kickstart from December 11-14, 2014 in Ndu Town. The event is code-named Ndu Council ECCUForum 2014, is expected to bring together over 200,000 people from all walks of life. 
Highlights of the event shall include a Mini Agro-Pastoral show; Trade fair, Parade of Traditional Dance Groups from the Seventeen Villages in the municipality; parade of Traditional Wears by Mbum Men and women; Exhibition of Mbum Traditional dishes; Launch of Limbum/English dictionary and other Mbum Writings; Performances by Mbum Artists and Musicians; Panel Discussions on Mbum Cultural Values and Christianity/ Islam; The Tea Sector in Mbum Land; Politics and the Unity of the Mbum People; Maximizing the Economic Potentials in Mbumland; Mechanizing and Modernizing the Agriculture and Livestock Sectors;etc.
Stands shall be erected for companies, business enterprises and organizations of all sorts at the New and Old Markets in Ndu. 
Companies desirous of promoting their products should get in touch with the Economic Forum Committee c/o 4th Deputy Mayor i/c of Financial Affairs, Mr. Nformi Lucas Dotta Tel: 77 129 667/ 97264893 or the 1st Deputy Mayor i/c of Education and social Welfare ( Chair of the Organizing Committee), Martin Fon Yembe Tel: 77370238/ 61275249/ 97039491 Email: or the Lord mayor Ndu Council , General Supervision Tel: 77848107/ 94025802/ 61135479 Email: .

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