Monday, November 10, 2014

Nkambe Carrefour Youths Social Group Celebrates 10 Years of Continued Existence

The Nkambe Carrefour Youths Social Group created ten years ago to empower youths socially and economically has congratulated Alhadj Abdou Borno Kanfon for initiating the group. Speaking at the 10th anniversary celebration, the Honorary President of the group cum Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 10th Anniversary Celebration, Adamu Eric Nfor said that the group was created in October 2003 under the auspices of the then YCPDM Section President, Alhadj Abdou Borno Kanfon with an overall objective to promote the general welfare of youths. He said through “the play and take njangi” they have been able to make a great improvement in their lives. Harping on the benefits by members, Adamu Eric Nfor revealed that some members have moved from okada riders to owners of buses, some have increased their businesses, others have married wives and constructed houses etc  “we have recorded successes at all levels”, he continued. Besides, he emphasized that most of their members have been empowered on management skills as well as how to run their businesses. “We are proud to say that we collectively raise funds to help members grow”. In his conclusion he also expressed a word of thanks and gratitude to “Alhadj Borno Kanfon who provided us with benches” as well as the mayor of Nkambe, and Gerard Ngala who sustained the group for six months. But after 10 years of continued existence, members he told this reporter thought it wise to commemorate and share their experience, success story with the people of Nkambe. Though created under the auspices of a political party, the Nkambe Carrefour Youths Social has moved above the political divide to the point that it is apolitical.

On his part, the 1st Deputy Mayor of Nkambe Council congratulated the youths for reducing unemployment and sustaining themselves mutually. He said as a youth he is ready to work with the youths and for the youths in order for them to witness an improvement in their social standards.
The initiator of the group Alhadj Borno Kanfon said the success story of the group is an eloquent testimony of the fact that history can never be hidden. He said he is happy that many youths have been empowered and that he thanks God for endorsing the idea given that good ideas come from God. “Sincerely speaking, we have changed and many of us have also change-the sky remains our limit”, he continued. Alhadj Borno admitted that when he makes a look back at the time they started, he sees that many things have changed. “We have achaba riders who are owners today, we have achaba riders and drivers who are bus and vehicle owners, and we have responsible men here who are managing homes, constructed houses thanks to this group”. In a note of advise, he told group members that things are involving and it is necessary for all of them to think about the rainy days. “You can only think of the future of you start saving part of your earnings in the credit union. Let us invest in the education of our children, families and or in our wives”. He also called on members to network, share business ideas and experiences and avoid going into lofty business offers because nowadays scamers are just waiting next door. “If you network, you will never fall prey to 419ners”, he advised.

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