Wednesday, November 5, 2014

NWACUDA Sets Standards in Community Development; Musa Shey Nfor Applauded

Right to Left: Mayor of Nkambe council, DO, NWACUDA President & 3rd Deputy

 The Education and Development meeting of the Nwangri Cultural and Development Association-NWACUDA took place today November 5, 2014 at Catholic School Ngwanri under the patronage of the Divisional Officer for Nkambe Central Abba Abdouraman and the mayor of Nkambe council, Ngabir Paul Bantar was described by impressionists as a new dawn to community development in Mbum land. Organized by the National Executive of NWACUDA headed by Musa Shey Nfor, sons and daughters of Nwangri village from far and near gathered to forge a new path for the development of their village. Also present to grease the ceremony was HRH the Fon of Nwangri, notables, members of the traditional council as well as branch Presidents of the Association who traveled from far off cities. In fact, everybody that matters was present.

Touched by the massive turnout and the community development spirit portrayed by the population, the Divisional Officer for Nkambe Central congratulated the population for their efforts to foster development. “I will someday say that I was part of this programme and the change started when I was present”, he told the population. Mr. Abba Abdouraman also reiterated that development is more sustainable when the population themselves take such an impressive engagement. He called on other villages of Mbum land to copy the good example from Nwangri village. The Divisional Officer ended his speech by donating a total sum of 30.000 FCFA as his personal support to the revamping of Catholic School Nwangri.
On his part the mayor of Nkambe, Ngabir Paul Bantar expressed gratitude to the National President of NWACUDA, Musa Shey Nfor who doubles as councilor for championing development initiatives in Ngwanri village. Ngabir Paul Bantar also told the people of Nwangri that time for politics had passed and now is time for work; calling on all and sundry to join the bandwagon for development. He said he is the mayor for all and the Nkambe council is for everybody given that development has neither color nor political party. He thanked the people of Nwangri for their efforts to revamp Catholic School Nwangri which was almost closed down for lack of pupils. There was euphoria and jubilation when the mayor of Nkambe, Mr. Ngabir Paul pulled out a total sum of 300.000 FCFA and handed to NWACUDA National President as part of council support to the school programme. Besides that the mayor also promised that the council will make sure pipe-borne water is extended into Nwangri village as soon as possible. Harping on some other development projects that will be executed by the council at Mbu-warr, the Mr. Ngabir Paul Bantar said that over 100 million FCFA will be pumped in projects. He cited the grading of the road from Mbot palace through Chup to Lassin, the construction of the Chup Health Centre, the construction of water by gravity at Ardo Ndemsa, (extension to Nwangri), the construction of bridges and market sheds. He revealed that the council will also give out small amount of money to councilors to execute small projects in their communities which are significant to upgrading lives. In his conclusion, Ngabir Paul Bantar also disclosed that the council also supported mission primary schools and lay private primary schools with minimum packages to sustain their efforts in molding young Cameroonians.

Musa Shey Nfor, NWACUDA National President on his part thanked everybody who took the pains to attend the groundbreaking education and development meeting especially the Divisional Officer for Nkambe Central, the Mayor, and 3rd Deputy Mayor Etc. He said the meeting was not a political gathering reason why no one was seen in any political outfit. He narrated how Catholic School Nwangri was almost closed down for lack of pupils and NWACUDA he said held a crisis meeting and decided to enroll 100 pupils. NWACUDA he said mobilized the total sum of 200.000 FCFA to ensure a smooth take off the academic year and “we also bought exercise books”. Majority of the children registered at Catholic School Nwangri according to Musa Shey Nfor a mostly orphans. When the school was hit by a wind disaster, Musa said he rushed to the Credit Union and borrowed money for the roofing of the school, adding that it would have been disastrous if the school was shutdown. He said the development association will not only focus on education but they are working towards playing the role of a development catalyst. He expressed joy and appreciation to all those who supported the education programme of the village. “By giving these kids the opportunity to go to school, we are building a solid foundation for humanity”, he added.  He lauded the population for their massive turnout and prayed on them to continue with the spirit of unity and development.
Massive attendance
The Fon of Nwangri thanked the special guests for taking off their duties to come and assist them. He congratulated the Divisional Officer for the good work he is doing to sustain development actions in Mbum land, and at the same time congratulating government for providing traditional rulers with stipends. The Fon of Nwangri instantly donated 50% of his salary in support of the school programme. Other speakers included Rev. Father Patrick, the school manager and the head teacher.
At the end of the day, over 400.000 FCFA was raised to support Catholic School Nwangri to stand tall on its feet. Talking to this reporter at the end of the event, Musa Shey Nfor said that he was flattered by the way the population responded. He said Catholic School Nwangri is a youth center and a prospective examination centre. Above all, it has trained many young Cameroonians, “so it is part of our history and part of our future” reason why the population did not want it to disappear.
It should be recalled that many of these mission schools where majority of the elite of Donga Mantung Division were educated have been closed. This is so due to the low intake and with the inadequate government subvention, it has become very difficult for the missions to run the schools. The lesson from Ngwanri is expected to have a multiplier impact in other villages where such schools have been closed. 

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