Thursday, November 20, 2014

Public Health Minister Shuts Down Bakeries in North West

Mama Fouda
The Minister of Public Health Mama Fouda has issued a communiqué closing down some bakeries in the North West Region. The communiqué ordered the complete closure of four bakeries while fifteen were suspended and fourteen others warned. According to what we gathered, the bakeries were ordered to shutdown following allegations that most of the bakeries in the North West region allegedly used saccharine (potassium bromated, carcinogene product) in producing bread, which health Minister says is harmful.  A total of 33 bakeries were found wanting for the non respect of hygienic conditions and other related malpractices in the sector. It is alleged that the use of these potassium bromated causes cancer. This according to some health experts could put the health situation in danger given the level of consumption of bread.
The four bakeries closed down include Ben Bakery-Batibo, Winners’ Bakery-Batibo, Family Modern Bakery-Mbengwi and Saint Bernard Bakery Bamenda II.
Those that have been suspended till further notice are Our Lady Bakery-Bafut, Best Bread-Bali, International Bakery-B’da II, Our Favourite Bakery-Bda II, Pee Bread-Bamenda III, Muchou Bread-Bda II, Confidence Bakery-Bda III, Ferdinand Special Bread-Bda III, Glorious Bakery Bda II, MECIG Bakery-Bda III, Young Boy Bakery-Bda III, Molo Molo, C & Bros, Alhadji Bakery-Batibo and Muswe Bakery.
On the list of 15 bakeries that have been warned features SAJOCAH-Bafut, Emmanuel Sisters-Bafut, Kave, Prince, A&G, Osaka, Best Bread, Imagine, Patisserie Bakery, King Claude, Top Star, Omeka, Mr. Barker, Abi Falls.
It is feared that the situation in Bui, Donga Mantung and Menchum could be precarious given some of these tablets (they call them) come from Nigeria. Public opinion has been wondering whether the inspection team also visited bakeries in these divisions given that from all indications the inspection might have been limited to Mezam and Momo.

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