Thursday, November 6, 2014

Second Cycle Maize Will Increase Farmers’ Income Says Ncham George, Divisional Delegate of Agriculture

The Divisional Delegate of Agriculture and Rural Development for Donga Mantung Division, Ncham George has declared that cycle maize farming is now a reality in Donga Mantung Division of the Northwest Region. Talking to journalists after visiting the pilot farmers who benefitted from this innovative programme, Mr. Ncham George “the crops were performing very well”.  He said 1 ton of ATP Maize seed was distributed alongside inputs to ensure that the yield is perfect. Even though the second cycle maize is new in Donga Mantung Mantung Division, the delegate of Agriculture however confirmed that prospects are high that it will go a long way to be an additional source of income to farmers. “Out of the 200 pilot farmers, only some few farmers in Ako Sub Division recorded misfortune due to flood which caused some plantlets to develop the maize strip virus”.
Harping on threats by farmers to spray their crops with insecticides to prevent stray animals, the delegate called on animal breeders to control their animals. He used the opportunity to express gratitude to the mayors of Donga Mantung Division for taking the challenge to control stray animals. “I want to tell you that we cannot accept such practices, because I have seen situations where some farmers have suffered. I remember how a farmer sprayed his tomatoes with a very dangerous chemical and it killed some animals”. He advised that farmers should control their animals. He also added that this success story has ignited the delegation of Agriculture to increase its demand for maize seed from 1 ton to 2 tons for the next planting season. 
Ncham George also revealed that Donga Mantung is a blessed Division with a varied micro climate. “If you need the mid, low and high attitude there are all available. For example, the mid like the Misaje, Sabongari and Mfumte areas offers opportunities for large scale farms of sugar cane, maize, groundnut, soybeans. In the low areas like Ako, there is available land and favourable climatic conditions for large cocoa and palm plantations as well as maize farms. In the high attitudes of Nkambe and Ndu, the possibilities of establishing tea plantations like (CTE Ndu) are very favourable, rish potatoes, beans and maize as well”. He lamented that even though with these potentials begging for investors, youths of the Division continue to move to other areas to work in plantations.  Both robusta and Arabica coffee he added is doing well and also asking for investors to step. “We can do plantations of palms, coffee, cocoa, sugar cane etc”.Even though Donga Mantung has all the potentials, youths still travel out to work in plantations in some far off areas. This, he concluded is due to the fact that much has not been invested into the sector. He concluded that any investor would make huge benefits given that there is a ready market.

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