Saturday, November 8, 2014

What took Prime Minister Yang to SODEPA Ranch Dumbu

The Prime Minister stormed Dumbu at about 10:30 am today November 7, 2014 and was greeted by masquerades and dance groups. Prime Minister Philemon Yang who was flanked by the wife Dr. Mrs Linda Yang as well as Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry, Secretary of State for Mines, Industries and Technological Development visited the cattle production centre, the artificial insemination section and the grazing fields. In every section, the Prime Minister was very inquisitive to know the stage of the Dumbu Cattle Ranch. From every indication, the Prime Minister observed that the 38.000 hectares of land reserved for the ranch is being underutilized. With a cattle population above 8.000 or so, the ranch can host more than 30.000 cattle. The August guests were received by Dr. Bessong Willington, Director of the Dumbu-Jakiri SODEPA Ranch.  
Expectations are high at that the Prime Minister’s visit could change things positively at the Dumbu Ranch which is the lone cattle Ranch in Anglophone Cameroon. However, it is alleged that Philemon Yang’s visit may push government to create some recreational facilities at the Dumbu Ranch to boost tourism activities. The creation of a Golf Court we were hinted is high on the agenda. This is so because with the creation of Kimbi-Fungom National Park that shares common boundary with the ranch, it could attract a lot of tourists. Another classified source hinted that government may likely construct a four star hotel in the area to serve the purpose.
It should be recalled that SODEPA Ranch Dumbu was greatly affected by the economic crisis of the 1980s. Nevertheless, the corporation was restructured, as privatisation and outright liquidation was ruled out.  With 38.000 hectares capable of containing over 10.000 heads of cattle only about 8.000 heads of cattle with above 130 workers. Created in the 1970s to take care of animal production with slaughterhouses as components of the project to be constructed in the ten provincial headquarters, the Dumbu Ranch with a branch in Jakiri in Bui Division is the lone ranch West of the Mungo. During the past years the ranch has faced challenges such as the theft of the animals, hunting and killing of the animals, farmer-grazier conflicts, burning of pastures and frequent attacks by some wild animals. In far of areas like Majarandi, buffalos are a threat to the animals. 

PM Yang in discussion with Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry, and Fon of Dumbu

PM in a chat with Dr. Fuh Calistus

PM Yang shakes hand with Dr. Bessong Willington, Director of the Ranch

Dr. Calistus concerting with his private secretary Lon Ernest

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