Thursday, December 11, 2014

Euphoria at ECCUForum Grand Launching

There was euphoria and fanfare at the launching of the maiden edition of the Ndu Council Economic and Cultural Forum today.   The historic launching was described by observers as the biggest crowd pulling event of the year. While launching the historic event at Jirt-Ndu today December 11, 2014, the mayor of Ndu
council Bunyui Emmanuel called on the population to valorise their culture and intensify economic activities so much so that the municipality could emerge before 2035.  The event is code-named Ndu Council ECCUForum 2014 shall include a Mini Agro-Pastoral show and Trade fair, Parade of Traditional Dance Groups from the Seventeen Villages in the municipality; parade of Traditional Wears by Mbum Men and women; Exhibition of Mbum Traditional dishes; Launch of Limbum/English dictionary and other Mbum Writings; Performances by Mbum Artists and Musicians; Panel Discussions on Agricultural financing to be animated by CamCCUL, while the North West Cooperative Association-NWCA shall animated another panel discussion on the coffee sector. others shall include Mbum Cultural Values and Christianity/ Islam; The Tea Sector in Mbum Land. Two major discussions on Agricultural
(pics of the event soon)

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