Tuesday, December 2, 2014

National Assembly: Government Proposes Death Penalty as Sanction Against Terrorism

National Assembly of Cameroon

The bill proposes the ultimate penalty, the death penalty for anyone personally, in collusion or coercion commits a terrorist act is currently at the National Assembly of Cameroon for examination, debate and adoption. 
"The explanatory memorandum to the draft law on the suppression of acts of terrorism, acceptable to the Conference of Presidents of the National Assembly last Friday led by Hon. Cavaye Yeguie  is unequivocal when it resumes Article 2 of the text.

The text indicates that even acts of financing, recruitment, laundering of the proceeds of terrorism support, as can be read in the text of Article 3 to Article 9 are subject to the same penalty. Here, the military courts have exclusive jurisdiction to hear such actions. The bill proposed by the government indicates that even a corporation may be held criminally liable. In this case, "the penalty is a fine of a minimum of 50 million francs," as can be read with Article 6. As for anyone who might be guilty of condoning terrorist acts, if the text is adopted and promulgated, it "shall be punished with imprisonment from 15 to 20 years and a fine of 25 million to 50 million. F or one of these penalties. "The false statements and false accusations are punishable under this bill. Authors incur a penalty of 20 years imprisonment, while life imprisonment is recommended for those who threatens a witness, "even implicitly, of violence, assault or death. "This draft law comes after two previously adopted during the current parliamentary session.
 The second is Bill amending and supplementing certain provisions of the Act of 10 September 1997 on private security activities. These amendments concern a dozen articles. They aim to end the misinterpretation of the opinion of the Commission for the review of applications for approval. An opinion which has so far been wrong to equate to a reporting regime. The practice of this activity can only be done after first obtaining a license that can be issued by decree of the President of the Republic.

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