Monday, January 19, 2015

Distribution of CPDM Cards: Minister Fuh Calistus Puts Order in Donga Mantung

By Fai CN
Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry: Coordinator of the Distribution of CPDM cards
The head of the CPDM Central Committee delegation to Donga Mantung Division for the distribution and sales of CPDM membership cards has called on militants of that party to bury their hatchets and work for the well-being of the party. Minister Fuh Calistus Gentry made the clarion call in Nkambe recently while assessing the distribution process. Dr. Calistus after listening to reports from the five sections of the CPDM congratulated the Misaje and the Nkambe Sections of the CPDM for the transparency in the distribution of cards. He observed that even though the distribution exercise in Nwa was timid and recorded some hitches, the situation had been redressed. Minister Fuh Calistus expressed disgust on the report from Ndu and Ako sections of the CPDM. To rescue the two sections from collapsing; he set up a commission to distribute cards in Ako and another to investigate into the missing cards and vignets in the Ndu Section.
Classified sources hinted that the disorder in Nwa, Ndu and Ako is orchestrated by the power tussle in the sections. In Nwa, it is said that Hon. Genesis Mbucksek was discriminatory in the sales and distribution of cards. His detractors claim that Hon. Genesis Mbucksek was only selling to those who would vote him. To solve the problem, Dr. Fuh Calistus created a commission that immediately started work and the issue was reportedly solved in a day and the cards were shared.
Who Is Robbing Paul to Pay Peter in Ndu
Dr. Calistus and Mafor Yaah Achidi Judith in Ndu
The situation in Ndu according to what was observed is precarious. Allegations are rife that some 806 CPDM cards and over 2700 vignettes allegedly disappeared. The story goes that when the YCDPM Section President Ndi John Ngala brought the consignment from Bamenda upon arrival he handed the carton to Bongyor Naomi and left for his village. When he returned back the next day, he discovered that the carton was opened in his absence. Whether the cards and vignettes were manipulated upon before he handed the carton or after remains another mystery. Matters came to a head when it was also discovered that someone else who is not a member of the executive had signed as Section President. During the meeting that took place in Ndu, Ndi John Ngala openly accused Abdou Borno Kamfon for interfering in party issues, “if you want to be the section President, wait for elections”. This is so because Abdou Borno who was a member of the distribution had questioned who Tata Zebulon was. Angered by this act, Ndi John Ngala allegedly threatened to resign. He openly accused Mafor Achidi Achu Judith for instilling disorder given that he was not even informed of the meeting in Bamenda yet Borno who is not a member was informed by Madame Achidi Achu Judith.
Classified sources say it is the quest to succeed Pa Kwalar that has ignited obnoxious acts in the distribution and sales of cards. Over three candidates are said to be waxing ahead of the March Section elections. Nfor Mangeh, Shufai Njilangotong, Abdou Borno and Ndi John Ngala are likely the potential candidates. With elections in the offing, some militants allegedly stole some of the cards to release them only during elections. It is even said that some candidates have decided to buy cards in bulk and keep them or distribute to their voters. Allegedly, some of the cards have been spotted in the hands of drivers and achaba riders. On the other hand, followers of Hon. Kwalar are raising hell that any attempt to deprive him of the job of section President will not be accepted. At weekend, The Eye gathered that the Mungosi Commission spent the whole day struggling to reconcile and or recover the missing cards and vignettes to no avail.
Hon. Ntoi indicts others
Ako is said to have recorded the lowest rate of distribution. This is so because Hon. Ntoi had sealed the carton and placed under his bed after he was told that funds allocated for the distribution landed in wrong hands. During the meeting in Nkambe, Hon. Ntoi openly accused the CPDM Resource persons and some local party officials for interfering into local issues. Hon. Ntoi instead of presenting the report at the Nkambe evaluation meeting read a petition in which he frowned at others for minimizing his position as Section President. Hon. Abe Michael was appointed to head the Commission for the distribution and sales of cards. A school of thought holds that Hon. Abe Michael will not have it easy. ……A suivre….

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