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Former Student Leader Donates Big to Own Community at Xmas, New Year

Tata Mbinglo: The exemplary Philanthropist
There was brightness on the foreheads of orphans, widows and the entire Christian family of  Fuh Baptist Church in Ndu Sub Division on December 28, 2014 as former student of the University of Buea, Tata Mbinglo ignited hope in the orphans, widows and the entire community by donating big at end of year feast. The gifts which were handed to population by his personal representative based in Ndu, Massa Ernest were made up of bags of rice, cartons of savon and cash were handed to the congregation in mode full of fanfare and enthusiasm. It was as a pacesetting event.  
Before handing the gifts Ernest Massa delivered a message from the donor, Tata Mbinglo who is living in Thailand. In the message, Tata Mbinglo stressed the need for the population of his village to remain united for a common goal, which is development. He also highlighted that being far off from the village doesn’t mean that he has forgotten his village reasons why he decided to share with them at this particular time of the year. Sharing, he said is part of his life given that “the glory of giving goes to God for teaching us how to give”. 
Tata Mbinglo in his message to the population of Fuh also used the opportunity to make clarion call to youths and parents on the importance of education and community development. “I have decided to dedicate my earnings to the widows, orphans, underprivileged, and the poor” he told this reporter in an on-line chat. Flattered and marveled by the Thanksgiving to the CBC Church by the former student leader, the pastor of CBC Fuh called on the Almighty to blessed the hand that giveth, from a Biblical quotation, the pastor reminded the congregation to always pray for the young man. “This is a great mark of honour, humanity and patriotism”, he remarked. 
Speaking at the eventful Christmas Thanksgiving, Shufai Njilangotong, described Tata Mbinglo as an agent of development and a young man who always looks back to others. He called on other young men and women to emulate the good example of Tata Mbinglo who has proven that a community can emerge from the doldrums if there is love, unity and solidarity.  
Before leaving Fuh, Massa Ernest said that Tata Mbinglo is a pacesetter and that development is not only in the domain of infrastructure but rather people starts with a change in mindset. This, he added has been clearly demonstrated in Tata Mbinglo's gesture in donating to the Church and the underprivileged.  

some of the items

Thanksgiving led by Ernest Massa in white representative of Tata Mbinglo

Youths listening to the message from Tata Mbinglo

Shufai Njilangotong appreciating the donation

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