Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Panic Grips NW as Postmaster Allegedly Absconds with CFA 27 Million

 By Fai CN

Misaje Tele-center hosting the Post Office
According to reports gathered from classified sources, the Postmaster for Misaje has disappeared into the wilderness. Allegedly, Fohow Jean Samuel Petcheche has disappeared with over FCFA 27 millions as cabled by DMCR today morning. This is not the first time such a thing is happening in Donga Mantung Division. Well-placed sources say that an atmosphere of uncertainty now looms in Misaje as it is feared that this act could cripple the postal services especially money transfer unit. Frustration is reported to have appeared on the faces of some costumers when they learnt that the wehereabout of the postmaster was unknown.PM as commonly known in Misaje was formerly the chairman of the congregation at the Catholic church and "Tantoh" a title he earned from the Misaje palace for being humble. A school of thought holds that PM must have been victimized by some guys given he level of kindness. Yet it is not clear whether PM as usual helped someone with cash and the person had not given it back before he found himself with a shortage.
This is not the first case in Donga Mantung Division. Of late, a school Principal felt into police dragnet when he was caught transferring school materials from one of the schools in Nwa to the city. Besides, a municipal treasurer was also napped after he disappeared with council funds in Nwa. The sad story goes back in the 70s when the sales manager of the first women cooperative in Ndu disappeared with all the money that he collected. This led to the collapsed of the women cooperative and looters as usual took over its assets including buildings. Questions as to who inherited the first building constructed by these women which now serves as the Post Office in Ndu or who is receiving rents abound high

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