Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sparrow Hawk: Tombi A Roko’s Passport Seized, Trip to Malabo Frustrated

Tombi A Roko
Fai Cassian Ndi
The Secretary General of the Cameroon Football Federation is allegedly in police dragnet. Tombi A Roko’s passport we gathered was seized. Allegations are rife at that this act could be linked to his involvement in the misappropriation of funds allocated for FECAFOOT as subvention. A classified source hinted that Tombi A Roko who was on his way to Malabo could not meet up with the rendez vous with the President of the Normalization Committee Joseph Owona. Tombi A Roko, who also served as Secretary General under Iya Mohammed (currently in detention) is expected to appear at the Special Criminal Court. Yet football analysts are of the opinion that his arrest is linked to the Iya saga. It should be recalled that Tombi A Roko was the lone candidate in the flopped FECAFOOT elections. Football fans saw him as the lone candidate who understood the soccer mafia. Uncertainty looms large as his passport has been confiscated. 

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