Friday, January 2, 2015

Population Go on Rampage over Chieftaincy Crisis, Soldiers, Civilians, Wounded

An atmosphere of uncertainty now looms large in Bamali village in Ngoketunjia Division of the North West Region as some 71 persons are said to have sustained injuries in a scuffle between the population and law enforcement officials. The story goes that last weekend; the administration of Ngoketunjia stormed the village at the time a fundraising was going on. The presence of Gendarmes and police, accompanied by the ousted fon Idrisu created fright and disorder especially when the population noticed that some people were allegedly fluked.  The situation became uncontrollable when information circulated in the village that the newly enthroned fon of Bamali was being taken away.  Road blocks were set. From about 2 pm to 11 pm, those who were moving to Bui, Donga Mantung Division and Ngoketunjia were caught in the web at Bamali junction as more than three road blocks were mounted by the irate population of Bamali. It was after the intervention of the BIR that the population dispersed.
It is said that some 71 persons sustained both minor and major injuries. The Senior Divisional Officer for Ngoketunjia, Kwela Valery is also said to have had a bitter experience as well as the newly enthroned fon of Bamali. Soldiers, police, Gendarmes and civilians also sustained injuries during the brouhaha. It is aired that some 17 law enforcement officials have been hospitalized and one evacuated to Douala for medical attention.  
The population is however pointing accusing fingers at the ousted fon of Bamali for masterminding the ploy. Yet it is not clear whether he (Fon Idrisu) masterminded the incident to pin his successor. Notwithstanding, a school of thought holds that Forces of Law and Order stormed the palace on grounds that guns were hidden there.
More so, allegations abound that forces of law and order got a hint that guns were acquired and kept in a secret place in the Bamali palace in order to support another village at war with it neigbour. According to the hint the forces of law and order also got another hint that the Bamali village traditional council was raising funds to support the warriors. And the moment they stormed the palace, some rascals were caught at the palace esplanade waiting to move into action. 
It should be recalled that some years back when the new fon and his subjects were traveling out of the region, a gun was planted in the supposed car that was to transport the fon but unfortunately, the fon had changed the car. Its occupants were later picked up at the Bamenda Upstation by elements of the Gendarmerie. Yet it was Rev. Kisob Bertin who testified in court that he spotted someone planting the gun before the matter was discharged. This is the second incident. The question as to who is masterminding the planting of guns to victimize the fon of Bamali abound high. This is so because the guns allegedly kept in the palace were not seen either. Whether they disappeared into the wilderness remains another mystery. 

Calm is said to have returned after North West Governor Adolph Lele Lafrique visited Bamali village even though with the presence of troops. 

NW Governor inspecting guns seized from locals

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