Saturday, January 24, 2015

Wum Senior State Counsel Replies Detractors, Says Menchum Judiciary is Not Failure

 By Fai Cassian

Claims that the Menchum judiciary has failed woefully have come to null. In reaction to these claims, the Senior State Counsel for Wum-Menchum, Bekondo Brunett has said that nobody will derail him from his assignment to ensure the rule of law, peace and eradicate crimes. The Senior State Counsel made the statement following a petition by the Member of Parliament for Menchum North Hon. Ndong Larry Hills titled: The Failure of the Judiciary in Menchum in which he (Hon. Ndong Larry Hills) claims the police and Gendarmes, Penitentiary in his constituency are unable to investigate and hold up to investigations as prescribed because of the state counsel.
Newspaper reports have described the petition as baseless and a tactic by his detractors to paint him black or derail him from his mission. Harping on his relationship with the population Bekondo Brunett said that “I have served this Division in three different capacities”, and wondered loudly how someone should want to make political gains by using his name. “I will continue to work for the good of the people not withstanding the shots from detractors”. The legal department he said is working with the support of all the auxillaries in Menchum in unison. “I call on the population to fearlessly report all offences perpetrated against them by criminals to the legal department or forces of law and order for investigation and persecution”. He called on the population of Menchum not to allow themselves to be distracted by people who out of envy, prejudice, hatred and wickedness and even jealousy want to deter them. He said that even though it is challenging and risky “especially at the legal department where there is investigation and enforcement of laws”. According to Bekondo Brunett in doing so, there is always opposition and hatred; “consequently intimidation from those quarters whose interests are threatened. If you are strict be ready for all sorts of calumny against you and even manipulation, all from detractors.
The Eye gathered that when Bekondo graduated from the University, he was recruited in 1985 he was recruited and sent to GTC Wum where he taught Social Legislation and English Language. Some of his students by then included the MP for Menchum South Hon. Walang Richard. “I later passed the entrance into ENAM in 1987. Even though I started by career as a magistrate in Limbe, where I was substitute to the State Counsel, two years later I was appointed sitting magistrate in the Court of First Instance Bamenda”. He was later transferred to Muyuka and in 2001, he was appointed State Counsel for Menchum. In 2006, Bekondo was moved to Ngoketunjia and was transferred back to Wum in 2012 in the same capacity. “As a public servant, one should be ready to serve the state anywhere and at anytime”.
Popular opinion in Wum holds that the purported petition titled: The Failure of the Judiciary in Menchum is said to be more of political witch-hunting, scores settling than grievances given that no tangible reasons were mentioned. Read this “Mr. Minister, how credible is Bekono Bonnet that had worked in Wum-Menchum Division years after years; transferred out of the Division and again only for him to resurface as Senior State Counsel once more till date?”.  The document which supposedly was channeled to the Minister of Justice had not even been addressed yet was copied to the Presidency, NW Governor, Procureur-NW, SDO Menchum and President of the Menchum High Court is said to be baseless. Many have been questioning whether it was intended to the Minister of Justice or not? Dark clouds however surround as to whether the MP who hanged on his immunity to endorse the petition was not manipulated as well given that its consistency is cynical. To have worked in Wum thrice is not a crime, someone wondered after reading the letter.     

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