Sunday, February 15, 2015

Anti Terrosism Law Hangs on Police Inspector Napped in Boko Haram ID Cards Deal

According to information recently published in the social media and other news outlets, the Police Inspector, Abdoulaye Farikou who fraudulently issued Cameroonian national identity cards to some members of Boko Haram has been napped. Abdoulaye Farikou according information gathered issued over 2,500 Cameroonian national identity cards to members of Boko Haram. He helped 2,500 fighters of the Nigerian sect to impersonate as Cameroonians or to reside to Cameroon.
The Police Inspector Abdoulaye Farikou was arrested by the forces of rapid intervention battalion (Bir), and was transferred to Yaoundé, on the instructions of the Procureur for Maroua, where he will be tried by the military court. Abdoulaye will be judged by the Anti Terrorism Act recently passed by parliament, which punishes with death penalty terrorist accomplices.

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