Saturday, February 7, 2015

Bamenda Culture and Heritage Trade Fair: NW Fons Boycott Ama Tutu Muna

 Asta Biven Shei

Ama visiting culture and heritage stands with Guardians

Arts and Culture Minister Mafor Yaah Yefon  Ama Tutu Muna launched the Bamenda Culture and Heritage in Bamenda today January 7, 2015 amidst controversy and flaring tempers. The most serious threat to the successful launching of a project which aims to brandish Bamenda as a heritage city kept observers in a mode of stress as no traditional ruler was present. Tongues are still waging in Bamenda over what might have happened that those who are considered as the custodian of culture and tradition were all absent. The Eye was reliably informed that North West traditional rulers are aghast with Minister Ama Tutu Muna for transferring some of the artifacts of the regional museum to Yaounde lately. According to the hint North West Fons allegedly vowed to boycott any activity organized by Minister Ama Muna until all the North West Artifacts to Yaounde were brought back. Artifacts of 300 to 400 years old previously at the North West Regional museum were transferred to the National Meseum in Yaounde, on the instruction of Arts and Culture minister. Mafor Yefon Ama Tutu Muna, Minister of Arts and Culture according to what we gathered ordered for the transfer of the said artifacts on drummed up claims that they were not secured in Bamenda. Northwest fons had at a point in time threatened to stage a protest march to the nation capital. North West Fons Union also expressed disgust over the decision by Arts and Culture minister. “We are disappointed that the decision has been taken not only by one of our daughters, but someone who has been honoured with the distinct titles of Mafor by the Meta fons and Yefon by the Nso palace”, one traditional ruler is quoted to have vomited on phone.One of the traditional rulers we met at the Bamenda Commercial Avenue after the launching questioned what the Ministry of Culture was promoting in Bamenda when North West Artifacts are in Yaounde. "We are disappointed" He concluded. In fact we were even informed that she was greeting people with gloves as if Northwesterners are ebola patients", hammers another elite who was standing nearby.
Ever since the artifacts of the Bamenda regional museum were transferred to Yaounde, traditional rulers have not been happy with Ama Tutu Muna. It is even alleged that she may likely be stripped of the titles of Mafor and Yaah Yefon. Yet Ama is also quoted to have said over CRTV radio that “Who says they are not safe here? Have they come to inspect where the museum is? Before you begin to say something is not safe, have you come to the ministry to verify?”. Since then, she had been a loggerhead with traditional rulers.
Matters came to head when the fon of Njap who was spotted at the Horse race organized by the Prime Ministry could not pass at the Culture and Heritage village. Popular opinion in Bamenda holds that it would not be easy for Ama to reconcile herself with North West Fons. Even the Forum Traditional of Traditional rulers that were announced as a partner in the organization was also absent. The one-week culture and heritage trade fair was greased by a horse race organized by the Prime Ministry. The horse race turned out to be the major attraction.
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