Thursday, February 19, 2015

DO, Mayor Fight in Public

Mayor Wasum and DO Ngwa Martin
Tongues are still waging in Balikumbat sub Division over the unpleasant scenario that transpired at the grandstand between the Sub Divisional Officer, Ngwa Martin and the Mayor, Wasum Augustine. Service heads, councilors, traditional rulers, students and pupils who took the paints to attend the 49th edition of the National Youth Day celebration at the Balikumbat grandstand are still murmuring the public confrontation between the Divisional Officer and the Mayor.

It is alleged that the long accumulated anger between Mayor of Balikumbat council Wasum Augustine and the DO exploded on that day when the mayor took the microphone to announce that his council had donated FCFA 200.000 as prizes for schools. The Divisional Officer, who could not swallow the move, stood up and seized the microphone. To the total dismay on onlookers, the tussle lasted for more than 5 minutes to the point that the DO’s cap fell off. There was commotion and allegedly some students and pupils left the ceremonial ground in a mad rush. Angered by the confrontation, the DO also left the ceremonial ground unceremoniously.
Allegedly, the Divisional Officer had wanted that the money is disbursed to him and the mayor did not. The mayor on the contrary decided to hand over the prizes personally due to the fact that he was disappointed with the manner that the prizes were distributed last year. Yet, the mayor is also accused to be arrogant and snobbish in manners. A school of thought holds that it was improper for the mayor to challenge the decision of the DO while another school holds that it serves the DO right. "What example for these youths", a head of service names witheld vomited after watching the drama.

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