Wednesday, February 4, 2015

NW Youths Disassociate Selves from Extremist Tendencies

Ihimbru Vincent Bache: CNYC NW President
The Regional President of the Cameroon National Youth Council for the North West Ihimbrus  Vincent Bache has declared that North West youths are aware of the growing threat "on our borders by Boko Haram" and "we the youths of the North West are strongly behind H.E President Paul Biya in his fight against Boko Haram and we strongly disassociate ourselves from any extremist tendencies. We will not also hesitate in pointing out such tendencies when they arise to the powers that be". Ihimbru Vincent made the declaration during the official launching of the 49th National Youth Day activities at the Bafut Palace. NW CNYC President also used the opportunity to call on government to give youths the confidence and trust to hold posts of responsibilities. According to Ihimbru Vincent, youths are not groomed to ensure a smooth transition and continuity in the future. "The pride of place is not accorded to youths. Youths have been systematically deprived of participating in decision making through non-appointment into ministerial positions or none nomination for elections as MPs, Mayors, or Councilors" he continued.  He however, suggested to the Minister of Youth and Civic Education that youths continue to feel that they deserve 30% as their own veritable quota which up to know is given a blind eye. He concluded that a successful youth is not just a pride to the family and or the parents but the entire community.

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