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Prof. Kale Reacts to Prof. Tamanjong's Resignation as SDF Srcibe

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Prof. Kale
The SDF Secretary General has resigned. The jockeying for the abandoned position can not begin in earnest. Professor Kofele-Kale's reaction to Professor Elizabeth TAMAJONG’S Resignation as SDF Secretary General may not be as innocent as it seems. Be that as it may, Prof Kale should beware lest Mr John 8:2 him for stating that Fru Ndi is now Der Fuhrer Prinzip. Herewith Profesor Kale's reaction.
Reaction to Professor Elizabeth TAMAJONG’S Resignation as SDF Secretary General
I am saddened and troubled by Mrs. Tamajong’s resignation from the post of Secretary General of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) for it does not bode well at all for the SDF. Resigning from such a pivotal post after occupying it for so many years speaks volumes of the ills that plague the SDF party. The Secretary General of the SDF is not some pedestrian member nor an adventurer out for thrills but a veritable pillar in the party’s edifice.
Truth be told, I expected this resignation at the close of the last Bamenda convention, so for me it comes two and a half years late. As Mrs. Tamajong points out in her letter of resignation, it was at that gathering of over 1,500 party delegates that the SDF chieftain, in re-appointing her to the exalted post of Party Secretary General, chose that particular moment and that specific platform to belittle and humiliate his most important lieutenant. But not just any lieutenant but the very one selected by the Chairman himself! I thought it was one humiliation too many and unless brought to a halt will continue, for her and others. So, I was expecting Mrs. Tamajong to resign then but she did not, wisely choosing her time. I congratulate her for her forbearance and tenacity in the face of the multiple humiliations she has had to endure over the years, as detailed in her resignation letter.
Professor Tamajong’s letter was a deeply moving and powerful document that should compel anyone who reads it and who cares about the SDF, even a little bit, to pause and reflect on the future of this once great political organization. Her letter also pushed me to recall Madame Chantal Kambiwa's "Breaking the Silence" (attached hereto) which raised some of the same issues mentioned in Tamajong’s letter, more especially, the misogynistic leadership that pilots the affairs of the SDF and which treats its female members and officials as nothing more than decorating plants!
Professor Tamajong’s resignation letter also caused me to re-read my reaction to the 2006 Yoyo/Mbah Ndam/Tandap proposals to amend the SDF Constitution which was published in the Post Newspaper (attached hereto). I predicted then that if adopted at the Convention, far from improving the SDF those proposed “reforms” would instead turn the party into a caricature of its once noble self. I invited my comrades to reject those amendments in their entirety at the 2006 Convention because they were designed to dilute the visionary, transformative and reformist values that the party’s Founding Fathers set out to incarnate in their progeny. I feared that the restructuring of the party structures envisaged in the “Yoyo/Mbah Ndam Constitution” would install a version of Der Fuhrer Prinzip that would end up spawning a personality cult around Chairman John Fru Ndi. Few listened then but it has come to pass!
The National Executive Committee has lost one more committed and dedicated party official and, as a party, our leadership structure is now one less valiant and incorruptible female member; the endangered species in this organization. How I wish I could play the clairvoyant and predict that Mrs. Tamajong’s resignation would be the last!

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