Saturday, February 14, 2015

SDO Suspends Juju, Development Association

The Senior Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung Division has issued two Prefectoral Orders suspending Juju displays in Bih village and another banning the activities of Moh Development Association-MODA. According to information gathered the two Prefectoral Orders issued on February 13, 2015 has sparked controversy amongst traditionalists and the administration. Accordingly, The Eye gathered that Prefectoral order No 017/PO/E27//C.76 /SAAP of 13 Feb 2015 which suspended juju display in Bih village was ignited by the fact that the Pastor and some members of the Bih Baptist Church were given snake beating by the jujus.
Another Prefectoral order No. 018/ PO/E27/C25/SAAJP of 13 Feb 2015 equally suspends the legal existence and activities of 'Moh Development Association- MODA, Nkambe Sub Division Donga Mantung Division. When contacted by this reporter, Dogo Dogo Elvis, the President of MODA said the entire Moh is looking at the Governor of the North West to solve the problem.  The brouhaha between the people of Moh and Nkambe resurfaced last December when MODA staged a walk to the cave and carried out some juju displayed during their annual event. Matters came to a head when the President of Moh Development Association wrote to the Governor of the North West Region to look into the problem. In another confidential mail to the mayor of Nkambe, Ngabir Paul Bantar, Moh Development Association also accuses the mayor that he is not respecting the gentleman agreement they had before elections. Besides, the problem between Moh and Nkambe steams from a chieftaincy crisis. Worthy to note that some years back, Moh clashed with Nkambe at Mbot palace during WACUDA and since then there has been tension between the two. (details up next)    

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