Wednesday, March 25, 2015

30th Anniversary of CPDM in Misaje: Ecumenical Service, Donation to Dumbu Fire Victims Grace Celebration

The 30th Anniversary of the CPDM was celebrated in the Dong Mantung IV (Misaje Sub Division) under the theme: “CPDM, 30 years at the service of Cameroon, and still promoting peace, unity, democracy and progress” This theme, according to the CPDM resource person for the section, H.E Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry is a clarion call for the preservation and consolidation of the values of peace and stability which is a prerequisite for economic growth and sustainable development.
Dr. Fuh Calistus: CPDM Resource person
Minister Fuh Calistus emphasized that at a time that Cameroon is faced with insecurity and threats from the deadly Islamic sect, Boko Haram in the Northern part of the country, it is therefore imperative that all Cameroonians get patriotic and rally all their support behind H.E President Paul Biya in his quest to put an end to the barbaric acts of this sect, so that the peace and stability the new deal government has always defended and preserved is restored.
March 24th, 2015 was historic in Misaje as activities marking the 30th anniversary celebration of the Cameroon People Democratic Movement in the Donga Mantung IV section-Misaje started with March session of the Misaje Economic and Community Orientation-MECO, a CPDM outfit whose main role is to orientate, promote and encourage community development through the concerted effort of all the political actors. It was a moment to take stock of the 2014 achievements and also to chart the way forward.
Dumbu Fire Disaster Victims Supported
Another key aspect of the meeting was a hand of fellowship the CPDM party extended to the 10 victims of the fire disaster in Dumbu for which a total sum of seven hundred thousand was put the disposal of these victims as a sign of sharing in their ordeal.
Faithful Marriage Between Misaje and CPDM Celebrated
Dr. Fuh Calistus motivating Chiako women
Speaker after speaker at the official celebration which began with an ecumenical service aimed at calling on God almighty to take total control of the insecurity in Cameroon stated clearly that the Misaje Section is celebrating 30 years of peace, stability, social cohesion, national unity, national integration, great development strides, diplomatic victories and above all the strong and credible partnership the Misaje section has established with the CPDM Party which beyond reasonable doubts has taken the Misaje people to the next level. The CPDM resource person, Minister Fuh Calistus Gentry highlighted some of the major development projects like the linking of Misaje to the National Electricity Grid in Nkambe, the construction of a giant multipurpose youth center, the construction of a community education and action center and the construction of classrooms in Misaje Sub Division just to name a few. As a justification to why Misaje is benefitting this much from the new deal government, the CPDM resource person indicated that it was as a result of the right choice of a party, the CPDM, an experienced, qualified, committed and selfless Mayor and above all his collaborative nature both with him and the Central Administration and also on the emphasis laid on project studies which is a prerequisite for the new system of budgeting in Cameroon. He observed that there has been a very mutually benefitting partnership between the CPDM party and the Misaje people worth preserving and consolidating and preserving and as such urged all militants to strengthen this alliance and partnership with the new deal government for to him; the CPDM party does not fail those who share its vision and ideology.
Misaje being a Frontier Sub Division with the Federal Republic of Nigeria has got all the reasons to stand firmly against this deadly Islamic sect-Boko Haram. “Together lets rally behind our great party under the distinguished leadership of H.E Paul Biya to fight and eradicate Boko Haram for a peaceful, stable and prosperous Cameroon”, he concluded.
On his part the Mayor of Miaje Council who doubles as Section President called on the population to be vigilant given that the fight against Boko Haram demands collective efforts. He said any suspected case should be reported to the administration, Police, Gendarmes, mayor, councilor, and or the traditional rulers. 

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