Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Competitive Entrance Examination into the Police Corps: CJA-Cameroon Frowns at Discriminatory Treatment of Anglophones

Commonwealth Journalists Association, CJA- Cameroon

Press Release

Shameful and Discriminatory Treatment of Anglophones at the Competitive Entrance Examination into the Police Corps

The Commonwealth Journalists Association, CJA Cameroon has observed in total disbelief, shock and consternation, manipulative steps taken to cheat and disqualify English Speaking candidates at the competitive entrance examination into the Police Corps in Cameroon, the written part of which was taken on Saturday the 28th of March, 2015.
While questions in the French Language were clear, concise and written in good grammar, those meant for candidates of English expression were presented in a language unfamiliar to the Anglo Saxon world. The net consequence of this was that the questions could not be understood and interpreted, making answers to them seemingly impossible even to those who shall eventually be examiners.
The question we ask is who can respond to an interrogation which reads thus; who shall represent each member of the National Assembly? Or worse still; who shall represent each Senator? And that is just the tip of the iceberg, as the entire question paper for inspectors of police was in a strange language.
This deliberate resolve to sideline Anglophones at the said examination is unambiguously demonstrated, as from the point go, the playground is not level for all participating candidates. At the end of it all, and without any element of surprise, there would be no Anglophones on the final list, a thing that is neatly desired and implemented.
This other incident is one provocation too many, coming after the IRIC saga where Anglophones are permanently set aside, the total Francophonisation of ENS/ENSET Bambili and the appointment of mainly Francophone judges to the North West Appeals Court where Common Law lawyers found themselves being forced to make submissions only in French.
CJA- Cameroon notes with dismay, that such separatist, tribalist and exclusionist measures are being taken at a time the country is faced with a common challenge of protecting our territorial integrity and when everyone is expected to show and enjoy a feeling of belonging to one nation with one objective which is working towards emergence by the year 2035.
CJA- Cameroon therefore calls on the powers that be, to without delay, cancel the said examination in the interest of national unity, social justice and peace which is indispensable in the economic and political development of our country, Cameroon.

HRH Chief Foanyi Nkemayang Paul                    John Mbah Akuroh
President                                                              Secretary General

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