Thursday, March 26, 2015

Donga Mantung Division: Suspected Dealers in Human Parts Arrested

The suspected dealers, Sule, Usmanu Tanko and Nyamsay Isa were arrested on March 18, 2015 at Sabongari (Nwa Sub Division) in possession of human parts (skull, bones) and transferred to the Nkambe prison. The story goes that Usmanu Sule (claiming relationship) with Aladji Musa contacted him and proposed that he should buy the human parts. Shocked by the type of business proposal, he immediately alerted his immediate surrounding and the police. When Sule and Usmanu Tanko arrived at Aladji’s home to take him to the alleged suppliers, ( Nyamsay Isa and Fortipme Salifou) they were picked up. Acting on the instruction of police, the two middlemen called the suppliers and arranged that they should meet at “Terre Rouge” given that Aladji doesn’t cross the river. Nyamsay Isa was already at the meeting point while Fortipme Salifou (both of the West Region) was still to cross the river when the police appeared. Fortipme (supposed owner) escaped while Nyamsay was arrested.
When quizzed how they got themselves involved in the business, Sule said that sometimes ago he travelled to Mante (West Region) for the burial of his in-law and when he got there, his friend Nyamsay Isa proposed to him that he had human parts and whether he could look for someone to buy them. He said when he came back to Sabongari, while in a discussion with his friends; he told them that Magba is a bad place because the other day one of his friends asked him to look for a buyer of human parts. Sule claimed that the day he met Nyamsay Isa, his father asked him what they were discussing for that long and he told him his friend was proposing that he had human parts for sell. According to Sule, he made his friend at Mante some 17km away from Magba(West Region) after they haven’t met for a very long time.
The suspected dealers: Sule, Nyamsay, Usmanu
While at Sabongari, Sule said he told his friend that Nyamsay had proposed to him that he has human parts for sell but he was not interested. On hearing this, Usmanu Tanko took interest in the business and latter told him that he will propose it to his friend Aladji.
On the other hand, Nyamsay Isa said he too was also introduced to the business by the supposed owner who escaped. According to Nyamsay Isa, his friend Fortipme Salifou was the person who dug the skeleton. And that he was introduced into the business by Fortipme Salifou (owner). Salifou he added only asked him whether he could look for someone to buy the human parts given that he is closer to Sabongari where such businesses take place especially as they are closer to Gembu in Nigeria. Allegedly, the owner of the business, Fortipme Salifou from Magba is said to have absconded from police dragnet given that at the moment he was across the river.
However, public opinion holds that the truth has not yet been revealed. This is so because even though they all claim they were middlemen in the business, a school of thought holds that the police should investigate the matter with seriousness. And the escapist Nyamsay Isa should be fished out to get his own side of the story. (To be continued)…..

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