Sunday, March 29, 2015

Elvis Paul Tangem Receives Belated Award as Climate Change Campaigner

By B Buhdih 
HRH Fon Gwan Mbanyasiq handing award to Elvis Paul

One of Cameroon's environmentalist currently working with the Great Green Wall for the Sahara and Sahel (African Union) who was voted last year as Best Climate Change Campaigner has received the belated award.  Elvis Paul Tangem, it should be noted was voted last year by readers The Eye Newspaper as the Best Climate Change Campaigner the year. Yet he was not present at the fun-filled award ceremony in Nkambe last August 9, 2014 due to his busy schedule. The belated award was recently handed to him a forth night ago. Before handing the award to Elvis, the President of Cameroon Traditional Rulers Against Climate Change recommended his efforts in fostering the wellbeing of Mother Earth. According to HRH Fon Gwan Mbanyamsiq, the award is the fruit of hard work, determination, development orientation and dynamism.
On his part the chairman of The Eye jury Award, Gwain Colbert Fulai outlined that Elvis Paul joined the African Union, he had proven himself as an exemplary organized person and refined environmentalist. As one of the prominent environmentalists his abilities impacted lives in the North West Region when he was working with the FAO and later Burkina Faso where he worked with Tree Seed.  
Gwain Colbert handing Award to HRH Fon Mbanyamsiq
Today’s glories, they say are the products of yesterday’s planning. Thus tomorrow’s better days are also the product of today’s planning. But do people ever plan for tomorrow? Most people do not, relaying on the adage that let tomorrow take care of itself. This is however a defeatist nature by those who are weak. That is why those who adopt this do not excel in life. But those who do are always able to draw a line from one cause to effect. This is certainly so with environmentalists because sustainable development has become a singsong on every lip and modern technology has placed humanity on a fast line. But on this fast line, many do falter while rare species like Elvis Paul Tangem do excel.
That is why young men with extraordinary abilities like Elvis Paul Tangem could hide from the public eye. To HRH Fon Mbanyamsiq, the award is to encourage him in his cause for humanity. 
Moved by the recognition, Elvis Paul said that he is touched that his little efforts have caught public attention. He added that the award will serve as a stimulant for him to continue to with his work in fostering sustainable actions. 

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