Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fight Against Boko Haram: Fru Ndi Visits Wounded Soldiers, Donates to Soldiers in the Battle Field

By Ron Maxime Nfor
White dotted bull donated to soldiers by SDF Chieftain

Ni John Fru Ndi was flanked by Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam, Hon. Joseph Banadzem, Hon. Awudu Mbaya, Senator Paul Tchatchouang, Sen. Tsomelou, Hon. Osih Joshua just to name the few. Approximately, over 50 SDF officials accompanied Ni John Fru Ndi to the military hospital in Yaounde where he donated foodstuff and boost the morale of soldiers. Fru Ndi’s delegation was received at the Military Hospital by Koumpa Isa, Secretary of State for Defence incharge of Retired Soldiers. The minister was flanked by Col. Albert Bonzo, chief medical officer in the hospital. In a brief statement, Ni John Fru Ndi said that the reason of his visit was to comfort wounded soldiers and also to encourage them for fighting to defend the integrity of Cameroon. According to SDF Chietain, it was imperative for him to encourage these soldiers who are fighting a just cause. He also added that the soldiers should count on his support and other political leaders of his standing. He said the lone message to the soldiers is a message of concern and concern. Fru Ndi continued that even though politicians may have their differences but when there is war, it cuts across the nation and concerns everyone, adding that “war has no political party and no political name”. War he said is bad and that is why nobody in the world would name his child “war”.
He also emphasized that the small gift from the SDF is a mark of blessing, concern and love to the military fight at the front. His largess included two cows (one of which was the bulls that he (SDF Chairman took to the Ebolowa National Agro-Pastoral show), bags of rice, bags of salt and gallons of groundnut oil. It should be recalled that this white dotted bull was one of the major attractions to President Biya and wife at the Ebolowa show. The fact that SDF Chairman decided to donate this bull to the soldiers has been interpreted by many as a symbiotic gesture.  The gesture by SDF national chairman was applauded by the public as a mark of honour and patriotism. 

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