Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fight Against Boko Haram: NW CPDM Elite(s) Raise 80 to Support the Military Amidst Controversy

CDPM elite(s) of the North West Region have organized a four-in-one ceremony in Bamenda to support government in the fight against the terrorist sect Boko Haram. The event which started with an ecumenical service to pray for peace, a fundraising to boost the morale of soldiers fighting Boko Haram, ended with a peaceful march from the Bamenda Congress Hall to the Commercial Avenue. Baba Danpoulo alias Ndawara donated a total sum of 15 million FCFA while the  Yaounde CPDM elite(s) meeting donated 15 million as well. Holding under the patronage of Yang Philemon, Prime Minister and Head of Government, the Bamenda event also recorded some disenchanted voices.
It is interesting to note that some North West elite(s) who showed up at the Bamenda Congress Hall were taken aback when they noticed that the banners carried different messages. SDF mayors for example described the incident as a political ambush by CPDM militants. “We have to go back because this event has been CPDMized”, Jakiri mayor Jaff Romanus hammered. The mayor of Nkum, Bambui, Ndu and a handful of others disappeared from the Bamenda congress in anger. “We received invitations from the Prime Minister’s office to attend this event as North West elite(s) but I am disappointed that the event has been transformed into a political meeting of the CPDM. “We are North West elite(s) and not North West CPDM elite(s). Ndansi Elvis Nukam, national Youth President of NUDP also weaved his left hand to the event after having travelled from Yaounde. “I am National Youth President of NUDP and from all indication; I am not supposed to be here when judged from the banners. The fight against Boko Haram concerns all of us, but what I am seeing here is the anniversary of the CPDM”.
On the other hand, members of the Northwest Civil Society also expressed disgust. Awah Cletus, of the Coalition of North West Civil Society said that when they got to the Bamenda Congress Hall, the banner that greeted them was something else. “We are going to channel the funds we collected from our members to support the cause to the Presidency of the Republic”. Awah Cletus alias AC Risky also said that it is time for Cameroonians to know to make a clear-cut between the ruling party and government.
Even within the CPDM, some militants also expressed their frustration the way party issues are managed. Gerard Ngala, Interim CPDM section President for Donga Mantung I decried that communication is not flowing. He said that even though he is section President, he was never informed of the Bamenda meeting. Yaounde elite(s) he decried have been observed keeping information only to themselves. Gerard used the opportunity given him to announce his support to challenge the so-called Yaounde elite(s) in the way the handle party issues. He pleaded on Yang Philemon to make sure that communication flows given that even the grassroot militants who might have made a significant contribution were not informed.

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