Sunday, March 15, 2015

How African Youths are Initiated as Custodians of Tradition (Nikai 2015) PhotoNewsI

The Babungo Fondom in the North West Region of Cameroon is a long-established, highly centralized and elaborated fondom with strong tradition that has passed from one generation to another. The Nikai Dance is one of those traditional institutions that make the culture of the people very distinct. It is performed by young boys and men who have undergone initiation into the supreme fraternity (Ngumba). It is a dance that symbolizes unity, fertility and is always performed at the beginning of the planting season. Besides, the people of Babungo commonly known as the Vengo are experts in plastic arts that developed innovative metallurgical process which enabled it to reach an extraordinary level of iron production. Even with globalization, the people have continuously kept their culture and tradition intact. Pictures below demonstrate how the youths are prepared as leaders of tomorrow as well as guardians of costumes and tradition.

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