Sunday, March 15, 2015

North West Fons Union Goes Incomatoes Again, Cracks Recorded (Here are the Stakes and Implications)

Fin Zofoa and Fon Chafah

The Writtam-pen
Country people, I salute everyone. At last your writtam-pen is back with latest gossips around the globe after several months wallowing in the gutter like the North West Fons Union-NOWEFU. Have you heard that the kingpins of the Kaduna mafia (Fon Chafah and Fon Teche are at each other’s throat over?) The long accumulated tension finally exploded at weekend in Bamenda during a showdown with Lele Lafrique. Matters came to a head when the Secretary General of NOWEFU, Fon Zofoa III in an interview vomited that Fon Teche Njei was nursing plans to hijack and spin-doctor NOWEFU constitution to extend his stay in office. The issue we gathered started two years ago when Fon Teche (Ngen-Muwah) as fondly called by his peers outsmarted his colleagues during a royal begging mission in Yaounde. The occasion we gathered was to hand a gift to the Secretary General at the Presidency. Fon Teche allegedly sneaked out with a few fons to meet the SG at the Presidency without informing others who travelled with him from Bamenda for the mission. It is alleged that even Simon Achidi Achu (Ngem-Muwah’s partner in misdeeds and self-proclaimed adviser) was also outsmarted in the deal. The gombo that was given was hurriedly shared among the few while others including Achidi were blocked from entering the Presidency. This is how NOWEFU has functioned under Fon Teche. The only legacy has been the prostitution of titles, gifts and scanning pockets. In fact, a begging tool to satisfy the ego of the few who could call him senator. Plans by Fon Teche to buy the consciences of Donga Mantung Fons with few banknotes hit the rock with the timely intervention of NW Governor, Adolph Lele Lafrique. NW Governor said the meeting in Nkambe was unconstitutional and would not hold.
The outgoing President of NOWEFU is accused to have held the association hostage. Fons are glamouring over the management of funds raised for the construction of the secretariat in April 2012 barely a month after he was elected. Since then, NOWEFU has had only one executive meeting and no general assembly whereas the constitution provides for at least one general assembly every year.
Donga Mantung Division which is expected to produce the next President of NOWEFU has been caught in a mad rush. With the union divided into two factions, expectations are high at that at least two candidates will emerge. Fon Ibrahim Jabfu Nfor, is popular candidate for the post of President. He has served the union in various capacities. He served as treasurer under Fon Anneng, and currently vice President under Teche. His candidature was recently endorsed by the Teche faction. Indicators are rife at that the Chafah faction may in the days ahead endorse another candidate. The difference is that while Fon Teche is relying on the support of the Momo fons, Fon Chafah and Zofoa enjoy the support of the big fons (Bafut, Nso, Kom, Mankon). Last year, the big fons saw it coming and setup the council of the wise to handle fon Teche, but he slipped out. This is surely payback time for him. This will make things difficult for the Teche led faction who enjoys the support of Achidi but handicapped by the fact that NW Governor had warned him not to mix political issues with union activities. 
Fon Mbunwe of Mbot, clan head of the Warr clan is also another heav weight whose dexterity cannot be neglected. He is one of the Organizing secretaries under Fon Teche yet has not declared where he belongs. He is dynamic and endowed with undisputable leadership qualities.
The fon of Nkanchi is another potential candidate. Fon of Ndu is also a big challenger yet has been mute over NOWEFU issues. He is learned and clan head of the Wiya. He could be a big boost in the race. The fon of Bih, Ngarum, Kungi, Nwa and Akwaja have also been consistent in union activities. The Ako Fons union is the most vibrant in Donga Mantung Division. They could equally spring surprises.
Fon Benchep of Binka is learned and has the characteristics of a leader. He has been in NOWEFU since creation and held several positions in the exco. His last attempt was for the post of treasurer where he was defeated by the fon of Nkambe. He is likely to stage a spectacular comeback.
Following the trends, issues are becoming more complicated as to who would emerge given the stakes. 

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