Saturday, March 14, 2015

North West Fons Union: Kaduna Mafia Collapses as Fon Teche’s Plan to Extend Mandate Flops

Launching of NOWEFU with fon Chafah on high table(where was Fon Teche?) 

By FC Ndi
The North West Fons Union-NOWEFU, a one-time enviable and lobbying force is wallowing in the gutter after the kingpins of the famous Kaduna mafia have disagreed.  This is so because of late, NOWEFU President Fon Teche’s obnoxious plans to extend his mandate at the helm of the union have met stiff resistance. The Kaduna mafia has been responsible for dictating who should be elected at the helm of the association for long and at last, Fon Teche and Fon Chafah have disagreed leading to a split. 
At moment, NOWEFU is in two factions, one faction led by Fon Chafah and Fon Ndzofoa and another led by Fon Teche and Achidi Achu (non traditional ruler). 
North West Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique is said to have warned that the constitution should be respected and that any attempt will not be tolerated. It is reported that during the meeting, North West Governor also warned that the meeting which was scheduled in Nkambe by the outgoing President should be annulled. I say reported because 99% of the hints have confirmed it. Besides, the governor also warned the outgoing President to make a clear distinction between political issues and the associative life of NOWEFU given that it has been used as a tool to hijack and destroy the association.  
However, Fon Teche is allegedly hocked reasons why he is planning to stage-manage an elective general assembly in November. When contacted, Fon Chafah Isaac of Bangolang, one of the initiators of NOWEFU cum Secretary General of the Traditional Rulers Forum declared that Fon Teche’s mandate expires by midnight on March 16, 2015. Fon Chafah expressed gratitude to North West Governor for rescuing NOWEFU from suffocating under the pangs of Fon Teche. “Fon Teche should organize the elective general assembly with immediate effect”, he added. Allegedly, Fon Teche is being task to present a balance sheet of the funds raised barely a month after he took over office to complete the construction project. The outgoing is being accused for prostituting titles and also to have brought in non-traditional rulers like Rt. Hon. Achidi Achu as advisers into the union. Allegedly, the union has been pocketed by Achidi Achu and Fon Teche, both of them senators.
With the crack, Donga Mantung Division is likely to present more than two candidates. Fon Teche however confirmed yesterday that he faction is supporting the candidature of the fon of Nkambe as next NOWEFU President. But it is not yet clear whether the fon of Binka, Mbot, Nkanchi, Misaje, Rom and or Nwa will also declare their candidatures. Given that the position of President rotates, this is the turn of Donga Mantung to produce the next President.
It should be recalled that NOWEFU crisis resurfaced when the Fon of Babungo raised an alarm on the looming plans to hack the constitution. It is even alleged that Fon Teche had planted a scam to collect signatures from Donga Mantung fons to use in the future to extend his stay. Fon Ndzofoa of Babungo punctured the move.
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