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Friday, March 13, 2015

The Drum 2014 Laureates: Doh Jerome , Grace Fomuluh, Chris Njita, Buma Francois, Others Win Big

 Press Release

Date: 11/03/2015
The Drum Pacesetters Award 2014
 Venue – Belleview Resort – 4th April 2015
Names of Laureates:
1)      Doh Jerome Penbaga: Politian/personality  of the year 2014
2)      Ma Grace Fomuluh: The Drum pacesetter woman of the year.
3)      Nkounto Christ Njita: The Drum pacesetter of the year.
4)      Ba Sama Buma Francois: Sports promoter of the year.
5)      Muno Daniel: Development and peace promoter of the year.
6)      Mayor Tanjoh Fred of Batibo: The Drum most performant mayor of the year.
7)      G.T.H.S Bali: Best Technical High School of the year in Mezam Division
8)      Foncham Emphraim:  GTHS Bali, Best principal of the year.
9)      Mansfield Plaza: Best reception and clean Hotel of the year.
10)  Ndumu Ruben: The Drum Pacesetter Educationist of the year.
11)  ABCHS Douala: Best performant lay private high school of the year.
12)  Justice George Gwanmesia: Best All round humanist, patriot and selfless servant.
13)  Ni Clement Banda: Most prudent and Humble on License operator of the year.
14)  J. N Bakoh Consultancy Firm Bamenda: Realistic and performant consultancy firm in 2014.
15)  Bobga Fokong Guta: The Drum youngest Entrepreneur of all time.
16)  Justice Mbuagbua: Best Livestock farmer of the year.
17)   Dinga Fausten Tita Nwana:
18)  Ni Indoma Monkom: The Drum Best Chief whip.
19)  BACCCUL Bali: The Drum Icon and Best managed Mfi of the year 2014.
20)  Santa Council: The Drum most development pro-active council for 2014.
21)  Pledge Nursery and Primary School Bamenda: The Drum best lay private primary school in Bamenda.
22)  PETER LEE modern furniture Bamenda: The Drum best modern furniture workshop for 2014.
23)  Ba Nkom Tita Robert: The Drum pacesetter in development Guru in Momo Division of all time.
For More info
TeL: 677 323 745 / 693 928 815 Email:
Facebook: akamericNduwo. First publish in 2005

-          12 noon – Arrival of dance Groups/invitees
-          12.30 – Arrival of Laureates
-          1.P.M – Arrival of the D.O Bali
-          Refrain of the National Anthem
-          Prayer
-          Welcome speech from the chairperson
-          Interlude of music
-          Speech from the publisher The Drum
-          Award of certificates to laureates
-           Reactions (if any)
-          Interlude of music
-          An advisory message from The D.O Bali.
-          Announcements
-          Visit dance groups
-          Family pictures
-          Refreshment  and departure
-          END OF CEREMONY
-          MC.
Ninpa Francis of Radio Hot Cocoa Bamenda. / Mrs. Ndangoh Gertrude of Bali
Contact: 677 323 745
               693 928 815

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

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