Sunday, March 15, 2015

Unfair Use of Public Media: Presidential Hopeful Takes Biya to the National Communication Council

The self-styled SDF Presidential Hopeful pending primaries, Felix Teche Nyamusa has tabled a complain to the National Communication Council. Here below is is the complete document. 

President Biya

The President of the Cameroon media regulatory body -  the National Communication Council Sir, I write to complain of the biased use of Cameroon Public media :- CRTV Radio and TV, Cameroon tribune newspaper… by president Biya to the disappointment of other politicians which include me Felix Teche Nyamusa SDF 2018 presidential hopeful(pending Primaries). The public media sponsored by tax payers’ money should be equally accessible to all Cameroonians - Politicians, their political parties, Civil Society… But if one person(s), group(s) monopolize(s) this free, it is blatantly illegal and unfair and also robs the public of her right to variety. This unprincipled/biased conduct has so far been the practice of the over 30years on-the-seat President Paul Biya. President Biya and wife, cronies, Biya’s party (CPDM) unjustly use the media - this is common knowledge to Cameroonians – ‘Inside the presidency – Presidence actu’, the French equivalent, CRTV TV Programme for instance on Biya is a total campaign of Mr Paul Biya which opportunity is denied other politicians. The presidency no doubt is a state institution but if the presidents’ works or prescriptions and or interviews are to be x-rayed/passed on public media, it should not be the preserve of CPDM journalists as has been and still is the practice - media professionals from varied media houses should partake.  Mr Biya should be advised to exploit private media or pay for his public relations or campaigns not monopolizing the media which his rivals equally lay claim to. Not only CPDM ministers, CPDM militants but as well Cameroonians from all walks of life including opposition sympathizers should be made to partake as resource persons, on such state programmes to give their own contribution in nation building.  Thus sir, the National Communication Council (NCC) which is supposedly independent, not biased should terminate without more ado such incongruous practices and band deviant journalists and programmes as you have rightly done to others to preempt imminent trouble should it continue. Needless reminding us that injustice breeds war. The discrimination of Biya, CPDM regime awash his reign and are exaggerated!
Sir, we pray your high office be decisive on this complaint!
Felix Teche Nyamusa, SDF 2018 Presidential hopeful

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