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Why Hon. Njingum Musa Won The Guardian Post 2014 Award as Best MP

Hon. Njingum Musa

Hon. Njingum Musa was recently honoured by The Guardian Post Newspaper as the Best MP of the year. It was not by error. The award is the fruit of hard work, determination, development orientation and dynamism. Anybody who has never seen excellence incarnated in one person should go for Honourable Njingum Musa. Over the years, he has proven himself as an exemplary organized person and refined politician. As one of the prominent sons of Ngoketunjia and MP, his largess knows no boundary. Hon. Njingum Musa is a seasoned politician especially as one who preaches the politics of inclusion as prescribed by President Paul Biya. But unlike most intelligent people who are composed, Hon. Njingum talks only when it is necessary. As Representative of the people, Hon. Njingum knows the value of empowering youths, farmers and social cohesion which makes him a super achiever in 2014. With his accommodating nature, Hon. Njingum has attracted a lot of youths; women and farmers’ groups join in the battle to disenclaved his constituency. What makes him unique is that he has succeeded in blending politics and development.
Today’s glories, they say are the products of yesterday’s planning. Thus tomorrow’s better days are also the product of today’s planning. But do people ever plan for tomorrow? Most people do not, relaying on the adage that let tomorrow take care of itself. This is however a defeatist nature by those who are weak. That is why those who adopt this do not excel in life. But those who do are always able to draw a line from one cause to effect. This is certainly so because development has become a singsong on every lip and modern technology has placed humanity on a fast line. But on this fast line, many do falter especially the politicians.
One of those politicians who is leaving no stone un-turned in Cameroon for his constituency to emerge is Hon. Njigum Musa, the Member of Parliament for Ngoketunjia (Babessi sub Division and Ndop Central). Hon. Njigum Musa is Questor at the National Assembly. He is presently on his second mandate as the Representative of the people. With a very large constituency that covers two sub Divisions (Ndop Central and Babessi Sub Division), Hon. Njigum is constantly with his people. In fact, the image people very often cut of a politician is that of lies. But Hon. Njigum Musa has over the years proven that even though politicians are often referred to as people of the lie, there are still politicians of conscience and character. And he is one. Some people usually think that the work of a Member of Parliament is limited to voting laws and executing micro projects in bars, restaurants and snacks around Bamenda, Yaounde and Douala. Or that theirs is always to dish out empty promises. This is a very erroneous notion about politicians of conscience and character like Njingum Musa. The prologue indicators of this great political leader and development luminary are that he keeps to all his political promises and fulfils them one by one. His intervention in any
Career Politician
Hon. Njingum is a devoted militant of the CPDM and diehard supporter of President Paul Biya’s political ideologies. He is a heavyweight. The fact that he trashed Hon. Yoyo Emmanuel in the pools twice to go to Parliament is indicative. It happened in the 2007 and 2013 Twin elections. If the entire Ngoketunjia is now CPDM, it is thanks to Njingum Musa. As the brain behind CPDM, he could have decided like others to do the simple things, but because he believes like Lance Armstrong that ‘greatness is not a measure of how great you are but of how great others came to be because of you’, he decided embark on the disenclavement of his constituency using politics as a tool. Putting politics and development in one basket to sermonize the ideologies of the CPDM has put him into the minds of all and sundry. That is why as a pragmatic politician he is loved, admired and cherished by the poor, the middle class and the rich without any barriers. Today, he is scoring high for the CPDM because of that firm choice.
 What makes him the shinning political icon in the eyes of his people is that he is a politician with a vision who acts promptly. Vision and action are two cardinal ingredients for success and as the Japanese proverb hold: ‘vision without action is daydream; Action without vision is nightmare’. He neither daydreams nor entertains nightmares. This is because of his zeal to recreate passing through politics and knowing like Abraham Lincoln that ‘the best way to predict the future is to create it’; Hon. Njingum puts into CPDM vision the necessary ingredients that make him to succeed. 
Excellent Developer
Ngoketunjia as one North West political elite once observed is lucky to have Hon. Njingum Musa. Through his lobbying skills, government constructed schools, health centres, roads provided potable water for the people of Ndop Central and Babessi Sub Divisions. With the micro project grants he has impacted the lives of several youth groups, farmers groups and communities. Whenever two or more are gathered to talk development, count him present. Promoting the welfare of women and the education of the girl child is top on his agenda. Every farming season, he donates seeds to farming groups, youth groups and the entire farming population. Women in Ngoketunjia have him in high esteem given the support he gives every March 24th to them. If you want to see a Member of Parliament who has used micro grants to carryout giant projects, Hon. Njingum is the right person. His achievements are many and speak by themselves. 

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