Friday, April 24, 2015

Black Friday Boycott of SA Shops in Full Force in Malawi Reports Say

In the wake of a boycott call by the Consumer Association of Malawi (CAMA), of South African shops and businesses, major South African outlets like Game, PEP and Shoprite closed shops in Blantyre and Lilongwe.
This despite a seemingly stuttering start in Malawi's Capital, Lilongwe earlier in the morning as Shoprite and other shops remained opened before eventually closing later.
Shoprite had only operated until 10:20 AM when the police, shop management and civil society leaders agreed to close it instantaneously for fear of sparking violence.
Before the closure, Kapito and Billy Mayaya were seen hovering inside Shoprite asking people to adhere to the boycott.

"You are a Malawian and why don't you show solidarity to our brothers and sisters who have been attacked in South Africa. This boycott is just for a day and why don't you be part of that," Kapito and Mayaya were overheard by this reporter telling one person found buying groceries in the shop.
Shoprite in Lilongwe opened in the morning of Friday before closing later - Pic by Abel Ikiloni
Kapito and Mayaya who could not talk to the media mistakenly told the Mana reporter that they were in the shop to remind those Malawians who had not heard and adhered to the call to stop buying while at the same time ensuring that there was peace.
"Actually our presence here is not to stir violence but rather make sure that there is peace and that people do not take advantage of the situation," Kapito said.
He was however bitter with the Shoprite management for not emulating from what other shops had done by closing business for the whole of Friday.
"Why should they open today when other shops here in Lilongwe as well as in Blantyre have completely closed down, we would like to urge them to do the same before Malawians get angry at them," they (Kapito and Mayaya) said....... to read more click

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