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Donga Mantung: Four Apprehended over Shooting to Death of Traditional Ruler

  By Samba Kingsley & Rambo 
Traditional rites
An atmosphere of uncertainty looms between two villages of Donga Mantung Division after the shooting to death of Fai Ndiganseh (quarter head of Njap village in Nkambe Central Sub Division) on April 1, 2015. Matters came to a head, today when the mortal remains of the said traditional ruler was laid to rest at Ngong. A certain Shagari (who allegedly shot the said traditional ruler was napped by the population of Njap the following day in possesion of the gun he used. His arrest also led to the arrest of three other suspects. Shagari according classified sources is Mbororo man from Nigeria and is said to be a renowned cow thief in Misaje; purportedly ringleader of a gang that has been terrorizing cattle traders between Bum Sub Division and Misaje Sub Division. Tempers are reported to have flared again today April 4, 2015 when news circulated that one of the suspects who was apprehended by Gendarmes and detained in Misaje was granted bail.
Land Dispute Key Suspect
Announcing and calling on ancestors
The unfortunate incident is said to be linked to land dispute between Njap village in Nkambe Central and Kamani village in Misaje. The story goes that on April 1, 2015, the said quarter head while asleep late into the night got an uneasy barking from his dogs. As any normal thinking human being will react when strange things do happen, he got up from bed, opened the door to find out what must have provoked his dogs. That was when he was shot. The misguided individuals, as he (the quarter head recounted before giving off the ghost disappeared) leaving him on the floor. News circulated through numerous phone calls. Determined youths, men and women of Njap stormed the area. The Eye gathered some traditional rites were also performed to block the assassin from leaving their land. While villagers launched a manhunt to get the killers, Fai Ndinganseh was hurried to the Nkambe District Hospital on Achaba where he finally died. Before giving off the ghost, the said traditional ruler is said to have narrated what happened to the hearing of all. News of his death circulated like wildfire to the point that the Senior Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung condemned the barbaric act of terror. Ngong it should be noted is a disputed piece of land between Njap village in Nkambe Central Sub Division and Misaje Sub Division. Last year, the said traditional ruler escaped death when his house was set on fire. Allegedly, the said traditional rulers had deposited two complaints some individuals who have been threatening his life. The said individuals classified source say are under serious investigation. It is alleged that the anti-terrorism law looms large on suspected killers and accomplices. Last year, one traditional ruler was also killed by his brother over disputed palm bush. It is alleged that the killer cut off the robe on which the traditional ruler used on climbing the palm tree and he dropped death. The recent incident has been described as the most barbaric act.
While putting to rest the assassinated quarter head, the people of Njap performed another traditional rite calling on the ancestors to take charge and their responsibility to make sure that anyone who participated in one way or the other in the killing (or got wing of the info that led to his death should be dealt with accordingly). Also present at the burial to calm down flaring tempers were soldiers, DO for Misaje, Representative of the DO for Nkambe, Brigade Commander for Nkambe and Misaje and other security officials. The family of the departed fon reechoed that the said suspect who was arrested and is allegedly on bail should be rearrested and detained until proven not guilty. At the time this reporter left Ngong, the fon of Njap has not yet announced the date for the official funeral of the assassinated quarter head.
Libation and rites 
Killers Apprehended
Faith had it that the traditional rites performed produced the expected results. Eye witness accounts that the said killer was spotted hiding in the bush by some women. When he discovered he has been spotted from the hiding place, he took on his heels. The population as well as Law enforcement officers took after him. It is even alleged that attempts by Gendarmes to shoot him by the leg did yielded any fruits as his magical powers were also powerful. When he entered into the forest, a real man opted to that (police and Gendarmes should stay off and allow him to enter into the forest alone.  Shortly after, the young man appeared from the forest with the suspected killer. He was immediately handed to the Gendarmes who took him to the closest post in Misaje. At the point in time, one young man was also spotted making calls and following the crowd from Njap. He was ambushed and picked. When he was picked, it came out that the phone he was using was the same phone that the back cover was discovered at Fai Ndinganseh’s compound the moment he was shot. He was immediately arrested and the numbers he was calling provided evidences for other accomplices to be trapped.  

Removal at Nkambe District hospital reserved only for matured men/ women and kids not allowed

Fon of Njap at Ngong

Troops accompanying the assasinated quarter head to Ngong leaving Nkambe Mortuary

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